Can I wear Indo-Western outfits in summer?

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So almost everyone here is familiar with the concept of Indo-western outfits. For those who are new to this, hardly any, it is fusional wear combining traditional and modern styles. Back to the point, we have a standing question whether you wear Indo-western outfits in summer? 

This is just like asking whether you can wear jackets or knits in summer. Of course, knits are trendy even in summer depending upon the style you choose. Would you ask the same question for a summer special crochet knit top? This is my exact point! You can surely wear an indo-western outfit in summer if you are a pro at picking up the proper style. 

Why not take a look at this blog to understand how to choose a proper Indo-western dress this summer? First and foremost comes your comfort. Let's start with the fabric choice for your Indo-Western dress.

Fabric choice for your Indo-western summer outfit

The best summer fabric has to be light and breathable so that you can feel the breeze hit your body in the summer heat. Usually, Indo-western outfits are comfy to carry, saving you all the mess of handling your dress the entire day. But when you mix it with summer comfy fabrics, you have no more worries. You can opt for these fabrics - 


Cotton is always the go-to choice for summer wear. It is soft, lightweight, and good for every occasion. Your office wear, casuals and even festive attires made of cotton can look pleasingly elegant. The best part? Cotton can absorb all the sweaty mess and keep you fresh and cool all day long.


First thing, linen is highly absorbent and therefore best for summer. Second, it is a bit stiff when you wear it, thus, no sticking to your body. So this can be your preferred fabric for loose casuals or cosy beach wear. You can also wear a linen saree for a formal office occasion to get the best comfort.


Another fact about summer is that light colours rock and dark colours shock. This is your hint to include khaki fabric in your summer Indo-western collection because of the attractive neutral shades. Get tailored khaki pants or khaki palazzo and pair it with a short kurti or tunic for this summer. 


What I love about rayon is the amazingly soft and smooth fabric which is also lightweight. It is somewhat similar to cotton and linen in terms of being cool and absorbent but a bit more on the softer side. Kurtis, palazzos, maxi gowns and much more made in rayon await you this summer.


In case you want to attend weddings and festivities this summer, dress up with a beautiful ruffle saree or a pre-draped saree made of silk. Yes, you heard it right. Silk can be the best fabric for summer as it is lightweight and breathable. 


Chiffon is a little delicate but can be your best option if you plan to attend any parties or events for summer. A chiffon anarkali gown, crop top, long skirt, and even a beautiful long jacket paired with a crop top and pants work wonders. This lightweight fabric will give all the glamour for dazzling events.


Georgette is lightweight and also great at giving your dress a good flow. So in case you are up for a kaftan, the loose fitting of the kaftan perfectly pairs with flowy georgette creating a mesmerizing silhouette. Also, asymmetrical dresses look super cute if combined with flowy georgette.

Indo-western outfit ideas for summer

Once your fabric choice is clear, you will be looking for outfit ideas. There are already a lot of choices for Indo-western dress in both online and offline stores.

Casual day out

Picking an Indo-Western outfit for a casual day always takes a turn towards kurtis and tunics. So either opt for a traditional long kurti with a palazzo pant or a short breezy tunic with denim or linen shorts. 

Office wear

You can easily find interesting Indo-Western pieces for your office attire. Pick tailored khaki trousers along with a cotton or linen tunic. If you want to show a more Western side, a long neutral shade midi skirt with a cotton button-down shirt is your pick. These outfits can keep you cool and breezy in the hot climate.

Evening events

Be it parties, festivities, or a wedding event, don't compromise on glamour because of summer. Go for a chiffon or georgette anarkali gown with beads, sequins, or thread work for a glittery event. As for parties, a maxi dress or a pre-draped saree will showcase sophistication.

Beach vibes

The beach is a must-visit spot for summer. This time, opt for a spaghetti top and linen shorts and pair it with a long flowy chiffon jacket with Indian prints like Ajrakh, bandhani, or floral prints. Not to forget the always loose and comfy kaftan which can be paired with both pants and shorts.

Accessorizing Indo-western summer looks

Every outfit is almost incomplete without proper accessories to go along with. During summer, your accessory choice should make you look stylish and shield you from the heat waves. Let’s see how -

  1. Straw hats are a must for summer and pick the ones with large brims. Floppy straw hats pair well for casual outings and beach visits whereas a structured one is best for other occasions.
  2. Not to forget the oversized sunglasses if you want to look around freely properly without getting struck by sun rays. For formal dresses, select neutral or black frames and bold colours for beach outfits.
  3. To match the summer vibes, accessorize with a statement and colourful beaded jewellery. But for evening events, you can go for metallic jewellery for a touch of glamour.
  4. Summer is all about being comfy and the same goes for your footwear collection. Mostly flats like juttis, sandals, strappy flip flops, or espadrilles can compliment your summer outfit in the best way possible.


Summer demands for clothes that can keep you cool and comfy all day long. Those who are a fan of Indo-western fashion, are eager to know if they can wear Indo-western outfits in summer. Well, it’s a big yes to this question. They are trendy, fashionable, comfy and also lightweight, and breezy when you select the proper fabric. Their versatility makes them the perfect choice for different occasions throughout the summer season. This summer, get ready to fill your wardrobe with comfy and breezy Indo-Western collections.


Which dress is suitable for the summer season?

Light-coloured dresses made with soft, breathable, and lightweight fabrics are the most suitable for summer.

How can I look stylish in summer?

First, you need to pick your fashion choice according to your personal preference whether you want a traditional, modern, or Indo-western style. Then accordingly pick your preferred outfit made of summer-friendly fabric. Lastly, accessorize your dress with suitable jewellery and accessories that are best for summer.

What summer clothes never go out of style?

Loose, comfy, and lightweight clothes like kaftans, maxi gowns, midi skirts, shorts, and flowy crop tops can never go out of style for summer.

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