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An Indo-Western saree is a combination of Indian tradition with Western style and comfort. In today’s fashion-forward world, most women seek style and comfort in every outfit they wear, be it casual, formal, or party wear. It is acceptable that traditional Indian attire offers you a royal look; however, a combo of Western-style gives you glamour and solace. If you are looking to buy an Indo-western saree online, is here to offer you the latest and most stylish Indo-western sarees.

Sandhyashah is an Indo-Western wear designer who brings you top-quality, exclusive, and trendy Indo-Western outfits. Right from designer ruffle sarees to pre-draped sarees with the best colors and designs, they are all available here. Whatever the occasion may be, these party-wear western sarees are also fit for pre-wedding occasions, events, and much more. 

Fusion lovers

An Indo-Western style is a fusion style where traditional and modern elements are mixed. The love for fusion wear is at its peak since Western fashion is having a great influence around the globe. This is why many designers have adopted a combo of Indo-Western styles for those seeking a traditional look with a modern style. The asymmetrical cuts and western silhouettes add an edgy touch to your Indo-Western outfits.

Types of fabrics we use to create our Indo-Western saree

The fabric used for our Indo-Western saree collection is picked carefully. Attention is given to the flow and drapes of the saree for an appealing look, and this is why the fabric matters the most. The fabrics we use are:

Pure georgette

Now, there is a difference between georgette and pure georgette. Pure georgette fabric is made of silk yarn, whereas faux georgette is made of synthetic yarn. The flow and texture of pure georgette add to the elegance of the Indo-Western sarees. Our designer ruffle sarees are mostly made up of pure georgette to ensure great curves and flow in the ruffle design.


Crepe is a lightweight fabric and, thus, best suited for creating a flowy saree that is breezy and breathable. Another important factor in using crepe fabric for our designer Indo-Western sarees is the unique texture it provides. The surface of the fabric is crimpy, giving it a wrinkled look. This adds to the great visual effect of the saree. If you plan to buy an Indo-Western saree online, you must try our latest designer saree collection.

Types of Indo-western sarees online at 

At Sandhyashah, you will find the latest and most amazing collection in Indo-western wear, including a wide range of styles like lehengas, kurtis, sarees, and much more. But if you are planning to buy the latest sarees online, especially in an Indo-Western style, you should look at the styles we offer:

Designer ruffle saree

Take a look at our designer ruffle saree collection at Sandhyashah. The saree is beautifully designed with ruffles and embellished with attractive handwork. The kasab, beads, and cutdanas at the front drape of the pallu complement well with the handwork of the blouse. There is a wide range of bewitching colors, such as wine, lavender, bright red, and mustard yellow, available for you. 

Pre-draped saree

The pre-draped saree collection at Sandhyashah has the best Indo-Western saree for party wear. The designs mostly consist of pre-draped sarees that have a fishtail silhouette to give you an exaggerated flare. You will find exquisite patterns such as the polka dots and stripes in our pre-draped Indo-western sarees. Additionally, they are embellished with sequins, handwork, and lace for a charming appeal. Another option available to buy the latest saree online from our pre-draped collection is the ruffle saree. The pure georgette saree, accompanied by the raw silk blouse, pairs perfectly to brighten up your look for a festive occasion.

How do you style an Indo-Western saree?

Sandhyashah offers you the best collection if you want to buy Indo-Western sarees online. Now, when you are all ready to rock your look, styling matters when it comes to presenting yourself in the most pleasing manner. Here are some great tips to help you style your Indo-Western saree:

Trendy blouse

When you are wearing the latest designer saree, what you pair with the saree also contributes to your look. Make sure you select a trendy blouse that can complement the latest designer saree you bought online. Some of the trendy blouse designs are:

  • Infinity-design blouses are in trend and loved by many Bollywood actors.

  • A deep-neck blouse can never go out of style and is suitable for all body types.

  • A blouse with bell sleeves will be a perfect match if you want a more feminine look.

Unique jewellery

Be sure to pair your saree with the best and most unique jewelry options available to create a mesmerizing look. Pendant necklaces are best for colored sarees, but you can also go for chokers and layered necklaces. If you go with a partywear saree, statement earrings like diamond studs or chandeliers are the best option. You can also add bold kadas to complete the look.

Pair with heels

When it comes to pairing heels with sarees, make sure you choose the ones that can provide you comfort and ease, along with styling. The best option is to go for block heels. Another choice can be wedges, as they will give you height as well as style without sacrificing comfort. However, you can also opt for stiletto heels, as they pair well with both formal and informal occasions.

Buy the latest saree online

If you are searching to buy the latest Indo-Western saree online, Sandhyashah offers you the best Indo-Western saree collection. is the online store you can visit to check out Indo-western outfits. The brand specializes in creating Indo-western outfits for women who seek comfort and modernity in traditional outfits. In addition to a physical store, we created an online store with the belief that it would allow customers from around the world to find the best Indo-Western collection. 


How do I wear a saree in Indowestern style?

Start by selecting a saree that has both traditional and modern components. Then pick a trendy blouse, and drape your saree most pleasingly by selecting a modern draping style that suits you best. You can also add on an embellished belt to elevate the look of your Indo-Western saree.

On which occasions can I wear Indo-Western sarees?

You can wear an Indo-Western saree for almost every occasion, including parties, events, pre-wedding functions, and festivities.

How do I choose the right Indo-Western saree for an occasion?

First, you need to consider the type of occasion you are attending. Then decide on the fabric and design suitable for the occasion. Lastly, you can decide on the accessories to match your Indo-Western saree.