How to style different types of kurti

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Looking around to wear something comfortable yet stylish outfit that can be a perfect pick to walk around the entire day? You can always choose a kurti, pair it with a bottom that suits you well, and style it accordingly. There are numerous types of kurti options available and you can pick one that suits your personal preference. Additionally, this blog will help you with how to style different types of kurti so that you can create a classy look.

So a kurti was a man’s traditional outfit right from the 19th century up till now and is known as a ‘kurta’. But with time, even women started wearing kurtas as they were a comfortable choice. Soon, feminine cuts, designs, and styles were added to the kurta making it a suitable women’s outfit, and were termed a ‘kurti’. As there are numerous types of kurti, let's see how you can perfectly style them to get a comfy and classy look.

Styling different types of kurti

In today's fashion-forward world, you can easily find a kurti with a silhouette and design that suits you well. Right from long to short, straight to flared, layered to kaftan style, and fusional to cold shoulder, pick a kurti you like. Then, all you need to do is pair it perfectly and style it in the best way possible.

Styling a cold shoulder kurti

A cold shoulder kurti has oval cuts on the shoulder, making your shoulders bare. These kurtis are comfy and breezy, perfect for summer, so pair them with leggings or jeggings. You can style them with chunky earrings or a statement necklace. Sandals are perfect footwear for cozy summer outings, whereas boots pair well during cold weather.

Styling kurti with jacket

Select a monotone kurti with a short embroidered jacket and a palazzo for a traditional look. Style it with sleek bangles and statement earrings along with mojris or wedges. For a casual style, select a bright printed kurti and pair it with a denim jacket and jeans. Style your look with chunky bracelets or minimalist chains along with sandals or sneakers.

Styling an anarkali kurti

If you wear an ankle-length anarkali kurti, pair it with leggings or palazzo. Style it with chandelier earrings or jhumkas and sleek metallic bangles. Select heels, wedges, or flats whichever is comfortable. If you wear an above-the-knee anarkali kurti, pair it with wide-leg jeans or dhoti pants. Add a statement necklace or bracelet along with flats or sneakers.

Styling a long straight kurti

A long straight kurti creates a sleek silhouette look that pairs well with straight pants, leggings, or jeans. Style the kurti with oversized earrings or a chunky necklace. Adding a belt will define your waistline and create a flattering look. Go with heels or wedges if you want more height or opt for juttis or flats to get more comfortable.

Styling a slit-cut kurti

Your slit-cut kurti can have slits on either both sides or at the front. The slit begins from the hemline to the waist or further. Pair it with skinny jeans or straight pants for a modern look or a long skirt or palazzo for a traditional look. Style your kurti with studs and a bracelet or just a single statement necklace.

Styling a tunic kurti

A tunic kurti or short kurti gives you a traditional look with a modern style. You can pair it with Patiala pants, dhoti pants, flared cotton skirt, or leggings for a traditional look. Another option is to pair it with cigarette pants, skinny jeans, or straight pants for a modern look. You can style it with statement earrings or a necklace with stacky bangles or studs if you want a contemporary look.

Styling a double-layered kurti

A layered kurti will have multiple layers of fabric to give your outfit depth. Now if you wear a short layered kurti, pair it with straight pants or palazzo pants which are not jeans. Style it with sleek bracelets and studs along with sneakers or heels. If you go for a long layered kurti, pair it with leggings or jeggings and add a chunky necklace or stacky bangles. Juttis, flats, or sandals will go well with this kurti.

Styling a kaftan kurti

A kaftan kurti is the perfect pick if you are looking for a chic style and it is cozy and comfortable. These kurtis give you a relaxed look so pair them with minimalist jewellery like pearl earrings, pendant chains, or sleek bracelets. Leggings or slim-fit jeans pair well and you can select embroidered mules, flats, or metallic wedges.


A kurti is a traditional attire and is available in numerous styles and cuts. From straight long kurtis to tunics, Anarkali, double layered, kaftan style, cold shoulder, slit cut, and added jacket, pick your choice. You can select a kurti that blends well with your body type and personal preference. Pair it with a suitable bottom and amazing styling tips given in this blog to rock your look.


What are some trendy and modern kurta styles?

There are numerous trendy and modern kurta styles like straight-long kurti, tunics, Anarkali kurti, double-layered kurti, kaftan kurti as well as kurtis with cold shoulders, slit cuts, and added jackets.

How to look classy in a kurti?

Select a kurti that compliments your body type and pair it with the right bottom. Style it with minimalist accessories and footwear to look classy in a kurti.

What should I wear with kurta?

Depending upon the kurti type, you can pair it with leggings, jeggings, dhoti pants, palazzo, Patiala pants, and a straight or flared skirt for a traditional look. If you want a modern look, pair your kurti with wide-leg jeans, slim-fit jeans, cigarette pants, straight pants, palazzo pants, or straight trousers depending upon the kurti type.