Are Palazzo and Sharara Still in Fashion in 2024?

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Are Palazzo and Sharara still in fashion in 2024? Many of you might wonder about this fashion topic as palazzo and sharara have been in vogue for a long time. Let me tell you that wide-leg pants are still in trend. Palazzo and Sharara being one of them eventually makes them trendy.

The back in the 80s and 90s style of over-the-top sharara and palazzo pants may not be a preferable fashion choice. However, they have become a favourite fashion pick due to their ever-evolving design and style. 

Sharara and palazzo pants are easy to carry and make you feel comfortable. You can pair them with kurtis, kaftans, crop tops, and peplums for a wedding, festive, casual, or formal look. Let’s take a look at the timeless allure of palazzo pants and sharara with their latest styling options. Additionally, we will know about the fashion insights revolving around palazzo and sharara.

The Timeless Allure of Palazzo Pants and Sharara

The palazzo and sharara have been around for a long time. Sharara was brought to India by Mughals whereas palazzo pants came into existence around the 60's due to fondness of avante-garde fashion.

Palazzo Fashion Evolution 

Palazzo Fashion Evolution

Palazzo are wide and flared-leg pants that have a loose fitting and are very comfortable. They are usually long and floor-touch and have a wide waistband as compared to the sharara.

Palazzo is available in a wide range of fabrics from lightweight to heavy and luxurious ones depending upon the look you desire. Developing fashion trends always crave more and more new designs and styles. This resulted in giving you palazzos with various prints and patterns including plain ones where the fabric is highlighted.

Sharara's Fashion Comeback 

Sharara's Fashion Comeback

Originally, the sharara was a traditional outfit that consisted of loose and flared pants tightly fitted at your waist. The traditional version of sharara is paired with a kurti or top. However, the contemporary comeback of sharara has given us a lot of options in design, style, and patterns. The modern version of sharara includes experimentation of various luxurious and flowy fabrics like velvet, satin, silk, and new embellishments.

The fashion world is greatly influenced by celebrities with their trendy choices. There is a visible celebrity influence in the revival of the sharara trend from time to time which cannot be ignored. Right from showcasing the gorgeous outfit on the red carpet to sharing photos on social media, increased the curiosity among people. Karina Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani, Kriti Sanon, and many more have set a trendy fashion choice featuring Sharara.

Styling Palazzo Pants

Styling Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are loose and comfortable but at the same time, you can rock the look with proper pairing. From everyday chic to a rich and elegant look, show off your fashion by styling palazzo pants perfect for every occasion.

Everyday Chic 

Check out some of these palazzo pant styles for a casual look:

Casual outing - Go with a solid colour, high-waisted palazzo made of cotton or linen. Pair it with a fitted, plain, or striped T-shirt and a denim jacket. Accessorise it with sunglasses and sneakers.

Office look - Select a tailored, neutral colour palazzo with a solid pattern and pair it with a sleeveless or a buttoned top. Accessorise it with a sleek watch and statement necklace along with pointed-toe flats or block heels.

Brunch look - A flowy, printed palazzo with a floral pattern and vibrant colour paired with a crop top or loose-fitting camisole works best. Accessorise with a delicate necklace, hoop earrings, straw hat, and platform sandals.

Formal Elegance

Styling palazzo pants correctly can offer the same elegant and sophisticated look in a contemporary style when you don't want traditional dresses. Selecting a perfectly designed palazzo in terms of fabric and embellishments and the right pairing is all you need.

  1. Silk for sheen, satin for gloss, crepe for texture, and chiffon for an ethereal touch are the best fabrics for a luxurious look.
  2. Select embellishments like embroidery to add texture, sequins for glamour and sparkle, and lace for a romantic and feminine touch for the palazzo.
  3. For pairing, select embellished structured blouses for silk or satin palazzo, and crop tops for crepe or chiffon palazzos. Similarly, silk or satin camisoles work best with lace or sequin palazzos.
  4. Accessories like statement earrings, embellished clutches, strapped heels, or embellished sandals are perfect choices to go with your style.

Styling Sharara in 2024

Styling Sharara in 2024

Sharara is an outfit of Lebanese origin that was brought to India by the Moghuls who wore it for weddings and festivities. Though sharara is considered a traditional outfit, various trendy styling options have given it a contemporary touch.

Fusion styles

Styling sharara in 2024 has levelled up with fusion sharara styles that have a blend of tradition and modern elements. Try some of these fusion sharara styles:

  • Pair the sharara with structured shirts, blazers, or crop tops for a western look.
  • Opt for a sharara with a high-low hemline, slim fit, or asymmetrical design for modern silhouettes.
  • Go for a sharara with metallic fabric embellished with studs, sequins, or laser-cut detailing.
  • Opt for a sharara with traditional textile and embroidery that has a contemporary cut.
  • Pair the sharara with denim jackets, casual tops, and sneakers for a street-style look.

Occasions for Sharara

There are many occasions to show off your sharara be it a formal or casual event. You can effortlessly flaunt your sharara look by styling it in various ways for different occasions. 

Weddings - sharara is one of the popular choices for weddings as it radiates a glamorous look. A sharara with luxurious fabric and intricate embroidery is a perfect choice for wedding occasions.

Festivities - Be it Eid, Diwali, or Navratri, flared sharara can be your go-to festive wear. A sharara with traditional textiles, designs, and embellishments along with vibrant colours can be your best festive wear.

Formal events - flaunt a sophisticated look at cocktail parties, galas, and receptions with a sharara. A sequin sharara paired with a tailored jacket or a chic blouse will make you look graceful at the event.

Casual dinners - A sharara with lightweight fabric and sleek design will give you an elegant look even at casual events.

Work-related functions - Always go with an understated style for such functions. Go with a perfect professional look by pairing your sharara with a structured blazer or a crisp shirt.

Fashion Predictions for Palazzo Pants and Sharara in 2024

Many fashion experts have shared their valuable opinions regarding the ever-evolving fashion of palazzo pants and sharara. They emphasise on their versatility to smoothly carry both formal and casual looks with numerous styling options. Additionally, they are comfortable to wear yet at the same time give you an elegant and sophisticated look.

Fashion experts believe that palazzo pants and sharara will be a part of the fashion trend for years to come. This is mostly because of their ability to adapt to current trends along with their global influence.

Where to Find the Latest Style Palazzo and Sharara

Find the latest style palazzo and sharara at Sandhya Shah, you will be mesmerised by the collection of sharara and palazzo pant outfits. We offer you a wide variety of palazzo and sharara outfits that have a contemporary touch. Our outfits are the perfect match for the current fashion trend that demands traditionality with a polish of modernity. Our customers are our priority and we focus on providing them with the best customization options that will give them a neat and polished look. Visit Sandhya Shah today and pick your pleasing attire!

Final thoughts

Palazzo pants and sharara have been in trend since they first emerged. They have always made a mesmerising comeback every time with the latest fashion trends and styling options. You can easily select a palazzo or sharara for a chic, formal, and fusional style at various occasions from weddings to casual brunch. All you need to consider is the right fabric, design, and styling to carry the look for every occasion. As for future fashion choices, they will be able to maintain their trendy position due to their versatility.

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