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Elevate your fashion sense with these wonderful ideas on how to wear sharara! Sharara is a three-piece traditional outfit that has a kurta, dupatta, and flared pants. This regal dress was brought to India by the Mughals. Since then it has become one of the go-to styles for traditional and party wear. 

Sharara is a great choice if you are fed up with carrying the heavy lehenga and want a chic and comfortable look. Today's modern world seeks numerous ideas for how to style a sharara in both traditional and chic styles. Many end up confused in the whole process of picking the correct style for their sharara.

To clear up your confused mind, this blog is here to provide the best styling options for your sharara. Further on, we will tell you how to take a dupatta on sharara and accessorize the sharara. Not to forget how to complete your sharara look with the perfect hairstyling.

How to Style a Sharara

Try some of these best ideas of how to style a sharara. You can rely on these ideas if you are looking for a modern, traditional, or chic style.

1. Give it a saree look 

Sharara Saree

If you want a fuss-free look, style your sharara just like a saree. This will give you a blended look that combines two traditional outfits. Pair your sharara with the perfectly matching blouse and saree, and drape it loosely around your waist to complete the look. If not a saree, you can simply use the dupatta of your sharara set and drape it just like a loose saree.

2. Pair it with a peplum

Peplum Sharara

Peplums made a great entry when they were introduced with the bridal lehengas. Now, with the peplum top, you can elevate the look of your sharara. A heavily embellished peplum and sharara, embroidered peplum with minimalist sharara, or printed peplum top and sharara gives a great look.

3. Go for a jacket

Jacket Sharara

Want to add a touch of drama to your sharara? Add a jacket to get that dramatic look. Giving you a classy yet ethnic look, it is a perfect styling idea for winter. You can even customize your jacket so it is a perfect match for your sharara. If you want to style it for a wedding ceremony, get a heavily embellished long jacket with minimalist sharara and top.

4. Wear it with a crop top

Crop top

Another great styling idea is to wear a crop top on your sharara. If your sharara has a lot of flare, a crop top will highlight the fully flared sharara. Additionally, if you go with printed sharara with a flowy fabric, pair it with a heavily embellished crop top to rock the look.

5. Add a belt

If you want to give a bit more definition and depth to your sharara, add a belt. Drape your dupatta and tuck it with a belt for a clinched effect that draws attention to your waist. Even if your entire outfit is heavily embellished, this style will allow you to freely move around in comfort.

How to Take Dupatta on Sharara 

If you are carrying a dupatta on your sharara, you need a good draping style. You can either go with a traditional draping style or a modern draping style depending on the occasion and the look of your sharara.

Traditional Draping

If you want to add a touch of grace and tradition to your outfit, opt for a traditional dupatta draping style. Choosing a traditional look often reflects on the cultural significance and at the same time allows you to carry the sharara with elegance. 

One-shoulder drape - pin one side of the dupatta on your shoulder and drape it diagonally across your body. Tuck the other end of the dupatta on your waist on the opposite side, letting the dupatta fall behind your back regally. 

Punjabi style pinning - Place the dupatta evenly on both shoulders. Gather the dupatta from one side, form neat pleats, and pin it on your shoulder. let the dupatta fall free on the other shoulder.

Gujarati pallu style - start by pleating and pinning the dupatta on one shoulder. Then simply, drape the front of the dupatta across your chest.

Modern Dupatta Styles

Selecting a modern dupatta draping style allows you to be more creative and innovative. Sharara is an outfit that radiates a cultural look but you can add a touch of modernity with a modern dupatta style.

Style it like a cape - Drape the dupatta over your shoulders like a cape and secure it with pins. Let it flow freely giving you a contemporary yet elegant look.

Belt your dupatta - Select a stylish or embellished belt for this style. Place the dupatta over your and form pleats or roughly gather it. Secure it to your waist with a belt giving out a chic silhouette look.

Diagonal drape - looking for a minimalist and trendy look? Drape the dupatta diagonally across your body. Use a statement pin or brooch to secure the dupatta.

Accessorizing the Sharara

Sharara accessiories

While accessorizing the sharara, you need to consider the intensity of the occasion and your sharara outfit. To complete the overall styling of your lehenga you need to pick up the perfect accessories that pair well with your sharara.

Choosing Accessories

  1. If your sharara is heavily embroidered and embellished, pair it with jhumkas or maang tikka instead of a complete set.
  1. If you have a simple sharara, opt for floral jewellery with maang tikka, earrings, minimalist bangles, and a necklace.
  1. A sharara with solid colour and minimalist embellishment can be paired with heavy jewellery or contrasting jewellery.
  1. Pair a minimalist sharara with manageable heels that are comfortable yet stylish.
  1. A traditional and heavily worked sharara will pair well with embroidered juttis and mojaris that have embellishments.
  1. Your footwear can either be of a contracting colour or a colour that compliments the colour of your sharara.
  1. A clutch or potli with embroidery will complement well with heavy work sharara whereas a classy clutch suits well for sleek sharara.

Statement vs. Minimalist jewellery for sharara

If you are styling your sharara for weddings, festivities, and formal occasions, statement jewellery will enhance your style. Oversized earrings, gemstone embellished necklaces, and statement rings can give a bold and dramatic look to your sharara. Statement jewellery can add sophistication to your traditional sharara style.

While styling a sharara for casual occasions or daytime events, go for minimalist jewellery for a subtle and refined look. For instance, simple pendant necklaces, stud earrings, and sleek bangles or bracelets will compliment your sharara well.

Which Hairstyle Suits on Sharara

Hairstyle on Sharara

Several hairstyles can compliment the sharara with different sharara styles that you try. 

Consider these Hairstyles for Sharara

  • The side partition bun looks good if you have a collared blouse or a kurti paired with the sharara.
  • Braided French braids will give you both a traditional and modern look and you can even add little flower studs.
  • Open backcombed hairstyle is from the 1990s but has made a comeback. Use this hairstyle with a heavy top or heavy earrings.
  • Crown trails is a popular sharara hairstyle also used by Kiara Advani and is always in trend.
  • Braided buns will give you a classy look and compliment heavy work or collar blouses
  • The side part with loose hair can be paired with a heavy necklace and looks stunning.
  • Both side diagonal braids will give you a neat and chic look if you pair it with a stunning maang tikka.

Face Shape and Hairstyles 

Which hairstyle will look good on you also depends upon your face cut. For instance:

  • Opt for a hairstyle like a high bun or a half-up half-down for a round face to add some height.
  • An oval face can easily pull off any hairstyle with elegance.
  • Heart face can rock a hairstyle with side-swept curls or waves

You can also pick up a hairstyle based on the look of your outfit. Updo hairstyles like buns can compliment your sharara with a high neckline or heavy work. Whereas, a sharara with an open neckline can easily carry different hairstyles like a sleek ponytail or loose waves. By considering your face shape and the design, colour, and work of your lehenga you can easily decide which hairstyle suits on sharara.

Final thoughts

How to wear sharara in different styles is no longer a puzzling topic. Wear it like a saree, pair it with a peplum, go for a crop top, or add a jacket or belt. Even the styling of your dupatta, whether you drape it traditionally or in a modern style, contributes to the overall look. Additionally, complete the styling by accessorizing the sharara and picking up which hairstyle suits on sharara. Pick up the style you like because you will end up looking gorgeous and adorable in all of them.


How can you style a sharara to match different seasons and weather conditions?

Style the sharara by adding a jacket or a full-sleeve kurti and choose a heavy fabric for cold weather. For summer, style the sharara with a crop top or add a belt for a light and fuss-free look.

What are some traditional and modern techniques for draping the dupatta over a sharara?

For traditional dupatta draping style you can go with a one-shoulder drape, Punjabi style pinning, and  Gujarati pallu style. To drape the dupatta in a modern style, add a belt, drape it diagonally, or style it like a cape.

What accessories pair well with a sharara ensemble?

Accessories like necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, rings, maang tikka, clutch, potli bag, and traditional or modern footwear pair well with sharara. 

How can one choose between a statement and a minimalist jewellery for sharara?

Choose a statement jewellery if you want a bold and traditional look for the sharara. Similarly, for a sleek and chic sharara look, select minimalist jewellery.

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