Essential tips to style your salwar suit

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When it comes to comfy ethnic dress for daily wear, majority of the women will choose a salwar suit. This traditional outfit is present in almost every Indian woman’s wardrobe. Now the reason behind the love and fondness for salwar suits is that they can effortlessly add grace and charm to your style. The salwar suit styling tips in this blog allow you to showcase a classy look even in a traditional outfit.

A simple salwar suit can add glamour, class, and elegance to your entire look when styled correctly. Trying out different cuts, adding layers, pairing with different bottoms and accessorizing can be effective. Moreover, selecting the right fabric, and personal style and experimenting with colours and prints, can do wonders to elevate your style.

Essential tips to style your salwar suit

A salwar suit can be worn at home, for casual outings, and even at formal events and festivities. Your focus point should be to add a little style to hike up your outfit and overall look. You can use some of these essential tips to style your salwar suit:

Pick trendy cuts

There are numerous cut options available for a salwar suit and you can pick one according to your preference or the occasion. If you plan to stay at home, you can try the straight cut where both the top and bottom have straight stitching with no flare. To add a little drama to a stay-at-home salwar suit, you can go with an A-line cut for the top with a straight-cut bottom.

For casual outings, asymmetrical cuts and high-low cuts with a shorter front and a longer back add a modern element to salwar suits. Anarkali cuts and slit cuts with slits either at the front, one side or both sides are perfect picks for festive occasions. For pre-wedding events, you can select panel-cut salwar suits with added panels to the top for extra flare. Even a princess-cut top with vertical seams works well for such events.

Add layers to your salwar suit

Try layering your salwar suit with either a jacket, a cape, or a shrug to add a little depth and style. An embroidered jacket can give a traditional look whereas a cape or shrug can add a hint of modernity. If you want to be free of dupatta, layer the salwar suit with a cape or an ankle-length shrug. Adding a heavy embroidered shrug or cape with a minimal work salwar suit for festivities or formal events makes you look glamorous.

Pair your salwar suit with different bottoms

 Other than the regular salwar, try different bottom styles to pair with the top of salwar suits. There are numerous options available like Patiala salwar, afghani salwar, or straight-cut parallel salwar. Additionally, there are other options like palazzos, leggings, churidars, and even pants and skirts. You can select a bottom according to your personal choice and occasion.

Accessorize your salwar suit

Pairing the right accessories for the right occasion can elevate your styling for a salwar suit. If you are staying home, studs or minimalist pearl earrings along with minimalist bracelets are great. For casual outings, go for a sleek chain and stacked bracelets and drape a dupatta with free fall on your shoulder. 

For formal events and festivities, jhumkas, chandbalis, chokers, long pendant necklaces, stacky bangles, and traditional kadas work best. You can drape the dupatta in a traditional or contemporary style according to your preference. Adding a belt for a defined waist and a cinched dupatta effect can also elevate your overall style. Moreover, carry a clutch for a contemporary look and opt for a potli for a traditional style.

Experiment with colours and prints

Sometimes a simple salwar suit with dark shades and no prints and patterns can be alluring. But it is always good to experiment with different colours and patterns. Floral prints are great for a romantic look whereas paisley and Batik prints create a sophisticated look. You can go with Abstract patterns if you want a contemporary style. 

Go with soft pastel shades like lavender, peach, baby pink, mint green, or powder blue for casual salwar suits. But for festive or celebratory occasions, pick colours like, ruby red, emerald green royal blue, or mustard yellow.

Select the right fabric

It is crucial to select the right fabric for your salwar suit if you want to create the perfect style. The fabric choice depends upon the occasion, personal preference, and the cut type you prefer for your salwar suit. For instance, an anarkali cut salwar suit requires a light and flowy fabric. So you can select chiffon, net, or georgette for a festive Anarkali-style salwar suit. But select a cotton anarkali salwar suit for casual outings and daily wear.

Luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, organza, net, and jacquard work best for celebratory and festive occasions. But if you have a round body, flowy fabrics like chiffon, georgette, linen, rayon, and crepe work best.

Consider your personal preference

While there are specific picks for colours, patterns, fabrics, and accessorizing options for various occasions, personal preference always matters. The ultimate aim behind considering personal choice is to let you feel comfortable in the outfit you wear. 

For instance, heavy embroidery and bold jewellery are mostly preferred for celebratory occasions. But some people feel comfortable with a minimalist look. So it is better to opt for sleek salwar suit designs and minimalist jewellery for such people. 


There are numerous salwar suit styling tips available. But there are some essential tips that work best to style your salwar suit. From selecting trendy cuts to adding layers, pairing with different bottoms, choosing accessories, and experimenting with colours, prints, and patterns, all matters. Moreover, always consider your personal choice, style, and preference before styling your salwar suit. This will allow you to carry your look comfortably for the entire day.


How to look expensive in a salwar suit?

Go for luxurious fabrics like velvet, silk, or brocade or soft fabrics like cotton and linen and style with proper accessories for a rich and expensive look.

How can I look stylish in a salwar suit?

Selecting trendy cuts, adding layers, proper accessorizing, and experimenting with different bottoms, colours, and prints can help you create a stylish look in a salwar suit.

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