Ethnic wear trends of 2024

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Ethnic wear is steadily undergoing small yet effective changes due to the global fashion influence. You have surely noticed that Indian ethnic fashion is gaining global recognition. This opens up an opportunity for Indian ethnic wear designers to experiment and come up with trends that are influenced by global fashion. The ethnic wear trends of 2024 are most likely a result of new ideas that are accepted worldwide.

This blog brings you influential ethnic wear trends of 2024 that will light up your wardrobe of ethnic wear collection. The charm and grace of your traditional outfit will elevate when these latest trends are incorporated. So let's get started to know more about what’s coming up in 2024 for your ethnic fashion.

Contemporary silhouettes mixed with traditional accents

Indian ethnic wear includes lehenga cholis, sarees, anarkali dresses, salwar suits, and kurtis. These dresses have been adding glamour and richness to your entire look making you appear more sophisticated. Now, with changing trends women desire to add a contemporary and modern touch to their ethnic outfits. 

Contemporary silhouettes like mermaid lehenga, asymmetrical lehenga, layered lehenga, and slit lehenga are in trend. As for sarees, pre-draped sarees, gown sarees, pants or dhoti sarees are much-adopted versions. Similarly, for anarkalis, salwar suits, and kurtis, modern silhouettes like asymmetrical hemlines, high-low cuts, front slits, capes, and shrugs are added.

These ethnic wears are incorporated with traditional accents such as embroidery, zari, zardozi, chikankari, sequins, paisley or peacock motifs, and floral jaal. Additionally, traditional fabrics like silk, brocade, organza, chiffon, and georgette are much preferred.  

Integrating technology and digital embroidery

With everything digital, it is only fair to include these technologies in the fashion industry. Techniques such as 3D embroidery, digital embroidery, and laser cuts will most certainly be involved in designing ethnic wear for 2024.

While traditional embroidery has its charm and sophistication, digital and 3d embroidery enables efficiency. Furthermore, it allows you to be more creative with the design and offer customizing options as the designs are computer-aided. 

As for laser cuts, intricate designs are added to the fabric itself with the help of laser cut technology. This makes the fabric more breezy and breathable. Additionally, you can have detailed curves and cuts along the hemline to make the borders look more attractive with laser cuts.

Adding vibrant and bold colour palettes

The 2024 colour palette for ethnic wear includes jewel tones such as ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, citrine yellow, and amethyst purple. This can be due to enhancing the overall look an ethnic wear creates. Since they look royal and add a lot of sophistication and grace to your style, jewel tones are a perfect addition. But let me tell you that the colour palette is not limited to these tones. 

You already know that Indian outfits take a lot of inspiration from global fashion. So take a look at the runway trends of 2024, designers can experiment and infuse these trendy colours in ethnic wear for 2024. Colours such as almost yellow, pale blue, steel grey, cherry red, chocolate brown, snow white, and pistachio green have a high chance. So keep your eyes open to spot these alluring colours in ethnic wear stores.

Sustainable accessories

There is a notable increase in sustainable accessories to build an eco-friendly environment. It all started with the introduction of sustainable products to save the environment from harmful chemicals. Now, even the fashion industry has adopted this eco-friendly trend. 

So in 2024, you are more likely to find sustainable accessories. For instance, hand-woven handbags, handloom shawls, handcrafted scarves, artisanal sandals, and handcrafted jewellery made of recycled metal, clay, or natural gemstones. Even hair accessories like hairpins and headbands are carved in wood and bamboo which are sustainable materials. 

Revival of vintage fashion

With the fast-forward fashion trends of 2024, there can be a nostalgic craving for fashion choices. Incorporating vintage trends and styles in the trendy ethnic wear of 2024 can be a new experiment for designers. Timeless vintage trends such as vintage textiles, vintage embroidery techniques, and vintage silhouettes are likely to be added to the ethnic wear. 

Vintage-inspired fabrics like handwoven cotton, brocade, banarasi fabric, and silk can add an authentic touch to your ethnic wear. Adding pleats and patchwork is also a great addition. Incorporating vintage embroidery techniques like zari, Kantha, and aari can also be considered for 2024 ethnic wear. 

Traditional attire infused with neon accents

The kurtis and lehenga cholis are the best ethnic wear that blends seamlessly with modern styles. 2024 ethnic wear trends can bring forward bright neon colours, especially lehengas, and kurtis. Kurtis are a perfect pick for summer ethnic wear and infusing them with neon shades can enhance the playful vibes. 

Neon yellow and tangerine can add bright and energetic vibes to your outfit. Whereas neon pink is playful whereas neon green radiates fresh vibes. Similarly, neon blue adds an electrifying touch to your ethnic wear. You can also try adding pastel neon shades if you want to go for lighter and relaxing vibes.

Adding ruffles and frills 

A ruffle is a strip of fabric that is tightly gathered and sewn along the main fabric. This creates a frill and adds a ruffle to the straight edge of the outfit. A ruffle or a frill can add a feminine and romantic vibe to your ethnic wear making it look contemporary.

In the ethnic wear trends of 2024, ruffles and frills can make a comeback to elevate the style of your outfit. You can add ruffles to the sleeves, hemline, or back of the blouse saree, or choli of lehenga. Similarly, ruffles will also look great at the hemline of an anarkali, dupatta, or sleeves of a kurti and borders of a saree. A lehenga with added layers of ruffle can add great volume to your outfit adding more glamour to your look.


The greater idea behind the ethnic wear trends of 2024 is all about combining contemporary and traditional elements. At times designers are inspired by global fashion trends like sustainable ideas, contemporary silhouettes, and bold, vibrant, and neon colour palettes. Similarly, vintage inspiration, adding ruffles and frills, and digital embroidery techniques are also great additions to 2024 ethnic wear. So this season, elevate the level of your ethnic collection with the charm and glamour of 2024 trends.


What will be in fashion in 2024?

In 2024, Regarding ethnic wear, bold, vibrant, and neon colour palettes, a mix of modern silhouettes with traditional designs, sustainable accessories, and ruffles will be in trend. Similarly, vintage-inspired outfits, digital and 3D embroidery, and laser cut techniques will also be of great influence in 2024 fashion trends.

Are sequins in style 2024?

Sequins are still in style for 2024 because of the sparkle and shine they add to both contemporary and ethnic outfits.

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