How to Accessorize Your Lehenga

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A lehenga offers you an elegant and versatile look be it for weddings, parties, or any other occasion. Now to get that beautiful and elegant look, you should know how to accessorize your lehenga. The perfect combo of styling and accessorizing will help you create a glamorous ensemble for any occasion.

Due to the numerous options, you might get confused when it comes to the selection of proper jewellery and other complimentary accessories. To talk about, you will find countless jewellery options and accessories that you can add to your lehenga. 

This is where this blog helps you sort out your confusion and provide the best accessorizing options for your lehenga.

How to Accessorize Lehenga?

Each piece of jewellery adds its special uniqueness emphasizing your style. Selecting a perfectly designed clutch and footwear will complement and maintain overall balance for your lehenga look. Not to forget the hair accessories that will add an extra sparkle to your beautiful lehenga. Here is how to accessorize the lehenga:


Before selecting a necklace it is essential to consider the detailing of your lehenga, whether it has a heavy or light work. Additionally, choosing the right necklace depends upon the neckline of your blouse and can make or break your entire look. Here's how to select the perfect type of necklace that goes well with the neckline of your lehenga:

Scoop Neckline - design your exposed skin with a layered choker or a bib necklace.

V - Neckline -  Make your neck look longer with a single long necklace or a combination of a choker with a layered mala.

Strapless Neckline - Flaunt your collarbones with a short pendant necklace or a sleek choker.

High Neckline - style it with a chain or a long layered necklace with a pendant. Avoid a necklace if the neck-work is heavy.

Sweetheart Neckline - Go for a choker with a drop or a princess-length necklace.


Earrings are mostly selected according to the occasion or your outfit color and preference. However, considering your face shape can also add a surprising difference to your overall look.

  • Long and dangling earrings to accentuate a round face.
  • Wide-based earrings to fill the space around your narrow chin.
  • Gently curved round earrings to soften the sharp and wide jawline.
  • Studs or chandelier earrings are well suited for a diamond face.
  • All types of earrings are suitable for an oval shape except long and dangling earrings unless you want a more elongated look.

Take a look at these earrings and how well they can complement your lehenga looks:

Dangler Earrings - A perfect match for a simple lehenga that gives you a bold look adding a little drama to your lehenga.

American Diamond Earrings - The best option if you are looking for a statement piece that can add the right amount of glitz to your lehenga.

Chandbali Earrings - Coming forth from the Mughal and Rajput eras, the gemstones in these earrings give you a royal ethereal look. A perfect choice if you want to match the color of your lehenga.

Chandelier Earrings - Exquisite piece with meticulous details that will bring together your entire lehenga look making you stand out in the crowd.

Jhumka Earrings - Best pairing that adds class and grace to your lehenga if you are attending a wedding and festivities.


The bangles or bracelets you select should match the occasion and aesthetics of your lehenga. Use these tips to select perfect bangles/bracelets for your lehenga:

  1. Match the color of your bangles with the dominant color of your lehenga.
  2. If your lehenga has gold or silver working and embellishments, opt for similar gold or silver metal options.
  3. Go for gemstone embellished bangles or bracelets if your lehenga has similar gemstones.
  4. Traditional bangles with detailed craftsmanship will go well with a traditional-looking lehenga.
  5. Opt for modern and elegant bracelets if your lehenga has a contemporary look.
  6. Contrast bangle or bracelet works best for a single-colored lehenga making it visually attractive.
  7. Sleek and simple bangle or bracelet designs work best if you opt for a minimalist and casual look.
  8. Chunky glass or metal bangles with Intricate designs will be a good statement piece for weddings and festivities giving you a bold look.

Hair Accessories

Accessories like maang tikka, sheeshpatti, multi-tiered reverse tiaras, or a traditional hair brooch work best for traditional-looking lehengas. If you wear a heavy-work lehenga and want a bold look for weddings and festivities, this can be a perfect choice.

Similarly, a floral reverse tiara, hair studs, minimalist hair combs, headbands, or hairpins will elevate your minimalist look. They are best suitable for sleek and casual lehengas and simple occasions.


A clutch can add a fashion statement to the overall lehenga look. Rather than going with a vague choice, select a clutch that compliments well with your lehenga. Let’s see how to select a perfect clutch for your lehenga:

  1. Embellished clutches with embroidery or beadwork work best for a traditional lehenga look. 
  2. Geometric-shaped clutches with minimalist design and metallic finish go well with a contemporary lehenga.
  3. Clutches with light floral embellishments and soft pastel shades are a perfect match for floral and pastel lehengas.
  4. Opt for a clutch with vibrant prints or featuring sequins if you want to make a bold statement.
  5. A box clutch or envelope clutch with soft patterns perfectly matches the vibe of a printed lehenga.
  6. Go for a simple clutch with a color that matches the base of your lehenga. This works well if you plan to carry a heavy work dupatta and vice versa.
  7. Select a clutch with metallic leather with beads and sequins if you want to compliment the metallic work of your lehenga.


You must look forward to your comfort while selecting the right footwear. This helps you to take each step with full confidence while carrying your lehenga. Mojris, Ethnic heels, wedge heels, and block heels with embroidery, mirror work, beads, and embellishments are suitable for weddings and festivities. Try to match them with the work of your lehenga.

Similarly, opt for stiletto heels, strappy sandals, and pointed-toe pumps while attending parties, receptions, and evening events. Select metallic shades with unique textures and delicate embellishments for a minimalist and contemporary look.

What Jewellery to Wear with a Lehenga?

So there are numerous options available when it comes to jewellery selection. Right from necklaces, earrings, bangles, Maang tikka to kamar bandh and much more. But which ones to select or to go overboard with all of them needs to be taken into consideration.

Tips to accessorize your lehenga through celebrities and fashion icons

Take a look at actors such as Mouni Roy and Tina Dutta if you want to rock a perfect diva look. Opting for earpieces like jhumkas, ear cuffs, chandelier earrings, and other options works best for a festive look.

Hina Khan and Shweta Tiwari showcase the best style for neckpiece options. Ditching the earpiece and opting for a bib necklace, choker, matinee necklace, or plastron necklace can give an amazing look.

Celebrity stylist Lakshmi Lehr has worked with various Bollywood actresses. She prefers a simple classic jewellery piece over lavish designs to match a perfect festive lehenga.

Minimalist Jewellery vs Statement Jewellery 

For those who believe less is more, minimalist jewellery is your go-to option for sleek and elegant lehenga. Minimalist jewellery never goes out of fashion and its simple yet elegant look allows you to showcase your style. Being a great option for everyday wear and formal occasions, its delicate and sleek design will always be trendy.

Statement jewellery is always the best option for weddings, parties, and special occasions due to its bold and eye-catchy look. Be it statement earrings, a bold necklace, or chunky bangles/bracelets, they will perfectly compliment your special occasion lehenga. They mostly follow current fashion trends so be wise and select the one that's trendy and fits well with your lehenga.

How to Choose Jewellery for Lehenga?

The selected jewellery for the lehenga should create a harmonious look for your overall outfit. So there are no specific rules or formulas to select the perfect jewellery, but these tips can be helpful:

  1. The gold and silver detailing of your lehenga can be used to select the same metal choice for your jewellery.
  2. Match the color of the jewellery to the base of the lehenga or pick a color that is dominant in the lehenga.
  3. Select a complimentary color if you wish your jewellery to stand out. You can refer to the color wheel to select the perfect hue. For instance, emeralds will shine well on a red lehenga.
  4. If you opt for an elegant look, it will be wise to select pearls, diamonds, or white stone jewellery.
  5. For a luxurious look, match the gemstones of your jewellery with the designs or gemstones of your lehenga.
  6. Consider soft-toned jewellery if the lehenga is heavily worked to avoid an overwhelming look.
  7. Go for the same color jewellry as your lehenga for an elegant and monochromatic look.
  8. For a multi-color lehenga, opt for multi-toned jewellery so it ties well with your lehenga look.

Other than the above tips, you can also make an informed jewellery choice according to the color to complement your lehenga. You can refer to the color wheel to better understand the color comparison and contrasting colors.


Accessorizing your lehenga does not need any specific formula your instincts can help you a lot. Selecting the perfect jewelry piece, footwear, and clutch that will match your lehenga according to the specific occasion is essential. The correct choice will help you carry the entire look of your lehenga with elegance and confidence. Be sure to pick the perfect color and design that compliments your lehenga as well as your style. Try experimenting with a few looks and colors on your own to discover your fashion choice.

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