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Tired of styling your saree with the same limited options? If you closely follow fashion trends, styling a saree as a lehenga is quite popular. Many people are eager to learn how to make a saree as a lehenga.

For weddings and festivities, wearing a lehenga is what many of you prefer because of its elegant and regal look. However, there are still those who are likely to choose a saree over a lehenga. But then the minimal styling options can distress your excitement. Even if you come across any latest styling options, it can be a bit annoying to perfectly style the look.

For those who are new to the styling saree as a lehenga concept, let’s understand what it is about. Additionally, you will get to know 6 stunning ways how to wear a saree in a lehenga style glamorously.

What do you mean by saree as lehenga? 

A saree as a lehenga is not a complicated concept but a combination of the traditional saree and a lehenga choli. The elements of a saree and lehenga choli are combined to give you a fascinating look.

You can either simply drape your saree like a lehenga or go all in for a complete saree lehenga look. Select your favorite voluminous skirt or your desired lehenga along with the saree. In some of the styling tips, you can replace the saree with a dupatta that compliments your lehenga. The additional touch to rock this look is to design the blouse of your saree as the blouse accompanied by a lehenga.

Once the saree lehenga concept is understood, it becomes easier to follow how to wear a saree in lehenga style. 

6 different ways to wear your saree as lehenga

Draping your 6-yard saree as a lehenga is exciting if you are patient and confident enough to carry the entire look. You can now come out of the dilemma of styling your saree fabulously and show off your finesse. Take a look at these 7 different ways of how to wear saree in lehenga style:

Styling a lehenga saree

Styling a lehenga saree

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant look this can be your go-to option. To elevate the overall look of this styling, it is better if you select a saree with broad borders. This will highlight the simplicity and elegance of your outfit.

Follow these steps:
  • Start with wearing the blouse.
  • Select a voluminous skirt to get the perfect lehenga look
  • Pleat the saree leaving some space for the pallu
  • Tuck it on the left and start spreading the pleats toward the right until the full circle is covered
  • Pleat the remaining saree for the pallu 
  • Bring the pallu from your right side and pin it on your left shoulder

You are ready to rock your lehenga saree look!

Styling a saree in half saree lehenga style

Styling a saree in half saree lehenga style

The saree you select will act as the lehenga dupatta just like a half saree. To carry this look efficiently, select your desired lehenga as the skirt. The design and color of the saree you choose should perfectly complement the lehenga skirt you wear.

Follow these steps:
  • Get ready with your lehenga skirt and blouse
  • Tie your saree around your waist
  • Drape the pallu on your shoulder
  • Trace the pleats from the pallu for the entire saree
  • The pleats should be loose forming a U-shape at the back
  • Pin the pleats at your left hip to get a perfect U-shape
  • Add an embellished belt for a defined look

Styling a saree as a dupatta for a lehenga

Styling a saree as a dupatta lehenga

This one is the most trendy style that you can go for and you might have already seen a lot of women carrying this look. All you need is a lehenga and a fabulous contrasting saree.

Follow these steps:
  • Wear your lehenga and blouse
  • Pleat your entire sari and drape it at the front
  • Take the front end of the saree and bring it from your left to your right in the front behind your back 
  • Tuck the pallu at the front center
  • Pick the upper end, form pleats, and tuck it at the front with the already tucked end

This style will give you a broad U-shape at the back and an inverted V-shape at the front. To finish off this style with an elegant look you can add a belt of your choice.

Styling a half saree lehenga with a dupatta

Styling a half saree lehenga with a dupatta

So this one is the easiest look that you can create without any kind of confusion or complicated steps. A half saree lehenga dupatta look will offer you a kind of magnificent look as here you will be additionally adding another dupatta to carry on your arms.

Follow these steps:
  • Get ready with your favorite lehenga skirt and blouse
  • Drape your dupatta like a saree on your left shoulder and form pleats
  • Pick the front end of the dupatta, drape it over your hips tuck it at the left side of your waist
  • Pick up a heavy contrasting dupatta and carry it on your arm elegantly with your overall look

Style half saree in lehenga style

Style half saree in lehenga style

This fusion style works well with both lehenga skirts as well as the half saree skirt. Depending upon the occasion you can opt for a half saree skirt if you want a decent look. Similarly, if you want a bold look, go with an embellished lehenga.

Follow these steps:
  • Select your pleated half saree lehenga or your favorite lehenga skirt and blouse
  • Take a complimenting dupatta or a heavy dupatta 
  • Pleat the dupatta and pin it on your left shoulder 
  • pick the end of the dupatta and drape it around your waist
  • Tuck it at the back of your skirt
  • This will form a slight U-shape at your right hip
  • Adjust the pleats of your dupatta tracing the U- shape at your right hip

Style your saree as a lehenga for a formal occasion

Style your saree as a lehenga for a formal occasion

If you are looking for a graceful style to carry smoothly for events and ceremonies, you need to try this look. Pick up the lehenga skirt and blouse that is best suited for the formal occasion. Be sure to pick a complementing saree.

Follow these steps:
  • Form pleats of your saree and tuck it in the front center
  • Spread the tucked pleats to the center back of your lehenga
  • Pick the pallu and drape it loosely on your left shoulder creating a slight U-shape at your right hip
  • Now form pleats tracing the pallu at your shoulder creating a good flow with the U-shape
  • Pin the pleats on your shoulder
  • Add an embellished belt to complete the look

To conclude

Wearing a saree in a lehenga style will allow you to show off a fusion look echoing the richness of Indian tradition. If you are wondering how to make a saree as a lehenga, do not miss out on this blog. You will be able to learn 6 different styles to drape your saree as a lehenga and present yourself in an amazing new style. So be quick to learn these new saree lehenga styles!


Can a saree be made into a lehenga?

Yes, you can easily wear a saree as a lehenga. This blog unfolds 6 different styles where you can wear a saree as a lehenga.

How can I reuse old sarees?

You can reuse your old sarees by making stylish Kurtis, Anarkali dresses, kaftans, lehengas, and palazzos them.

How do I choose the right saree to transform into a lehenga?

To choose the right saree, You should make sure that the saree is complementing or is in contrast with the selected lehenga.

Can any saree be styled as a lehenga, or are there specific requirements?

You can select any type of saree to style as a lehenga. However, be sure that the saree matches the selected lehenga either in contrast, color, or design.

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