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Did you know, you can wear a lehenga throughout the year due to wide options in fabric? Velvet, silk, satin, and brocade for winter, and georgette, crepe, chiffon, and cotton are best suited for lehenga fabric for summer. Similarly, you can easily find versatile types of lehenga to wear for numerous occasions.

Sometimes, you may get puzzled when it comes to lehenga selection. After moving ahead with a particular lehenga type, you can seem unsatisfied when the overall look is not pleasing you. Well, that can upset your mood and lower your confidence to carry out the overall look of your outfit.

But here we are for your rescue. This blog will help you know what a lehenga is and the different types of lehenga you can opt for. Additionally, you will know how to select a lehenga for different occasions. First thing first, let’s dig a little about lehenga.

What are lehengas?

A lehenga is a multi-purpose attire loved by women and is mostly the first preference for weddings, festivities, or functions. Lehenga is a three-piece ensemble. It has an actual lehenga - a long ankle-length skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta to drape around the overall outfit. 

When you trace back to the history of lehenga, it was roughly around the 10th century during the legendary Mughal era. This outfit became a hit among the royals of the palace, whose lehengas were embellished with real gold, silver, and gemstones. Soon, the locals adopted the palace fashion and embellished their lehenga with embroidery and mirror work.

The lehenga became a key fashion item across India, Pakistan, and various other South Asian countries. This led to a global recognition of lehenga as a traditional Indian attire mostly preferred for weddings and festivities.

5 different types of lehenga style

Lehengas are always in vogue, and you can easily find different types of lehengas that keep coming. These different types of lehenga styles can be selected according to your event, body type, and personal taste.

Flared lehenga cholis

Flared Lehenga Choli

Looking for a lot of volume and pleats in your lehenga? Well, flared lehenga which is a classical style, is your best option. A broad flared skirt forming a circle at the hemline, has a lot of ghera giving your lehenga a voluminous look.

This type of lehenga is preferably made with flowy fabric to enhance its appearance. Additionally, try to add big borders at the hem of your lehenga to define its flowy structure. 

You should go with a flared lehenga for intimate functions such as engagement, sangeet, and other similar functions. Those with a pear, apple, hourglass, or rectangle body shape can opt for this lehenga style.

A-line Lehenga choli

A-line lehenga choli

The A-line is a popular style from the 70s and 80s which can be both traditional as well as modern. If you want to highlight your heavy work blouse and dupatta, the A-line lehenga is best suited. 

A-line lehenga are fuss-free and easier to carry as they are made of lighter fabrics giving you an elegant look. It straps at your waist and flares towards the bottom.

If you have an hourglass or a pear-shaped body, this can be your best-suited lehenga style. Further, A-line lehenga complements well with tall structured bodies. The overall look of the lehenga is mesmerising.

Panelled lehenga

Panelled Lehenga Choli

Panelled lehenga refers to the kalis stitched horizontally along the flare of the lehenga. As there are many panels i.e. kalis attached, the lehenga appears voluminous, enhancing the elegance of the overall outfit.

Those with a small figure, hourglass, or pear-shaped body can opt for a panelled lehenga. The numerous attached panels allow the lehenga to be the star of your overall lehenga look.

Mermaid Lehenga Cholis

Mermaid Lehenga Choli

Looking for a contemporary yet traditional lehenga? A mermaid also known as trumpet style lehenga can complete your look. Mermaid lehenga tightly fits you from your waist to your knees and flares out below your knees giving you a fishtail look.

A modern and chic style can be acquired if you opt for a mermaid lehenga as it accentuates your curves. If you have an athletic, rectangle, or hourglass body, you must try the mermaid lehenga look.

Jacket With Lehenga

Jacket Lehenga Choli

A jacket with a lehenga can allow you to rock a trendy look. The jacket can vary from long to short to knee length. But does adding a jacket style to the lehenga pair with every lehenga type?

If you want a jacket look, make sure the jacket is heavily embellished if your lehenga and blouse are simplistic. But trying it vice versa with a heavy lehenga and plain jacket will distress the entire outfit. 

A long heavy-worked jacket will enhance the look of a simple lehenga. Whereas a heavy-work short jacket pairs well if your blouse is simple but the lehenga is embellished. Apple and inverted triangle body types can go with a jacket with a lehenga style.

Lehengas for every occasion

Lehenga for wedding

You may love a lehenga at first sight but dislike it after a trial. This is because the lehenga is not suited to your body type. So it is essential to know your correct body type and select the lehenga style accordingly.

Of course, every skin colour has its beauty, thus having different suited colours. So be sure to select the right colour shade that compliments your entire look. Those with warm skin tones can go for bridal lehengas with peach, baby pink, and sky blue shades. Whereas pale skin tones should opt for dark colours like ruby red, wine, maroon, dark pink, and so on.

Lehenga for a summer wedding

Select light shades such as lavender, peach, blush pink, mint green, ivory, seafoam, and powder blue. Make sure the fabric you select is also light. This will help to keep away the summer heat.

Jewellery and makeup tips for summer wedding
  • Select lightweight jewellery like the polki jewellery set. 
  • Do not wear multiple layers of makeup as it may get ruined due to heat
  • Your mascara and makeup should be waterproof
  • Avoid using heavy shades and go with lighter tones
  • Instead of glossy lipstick, choose matte shades
  • Use tint and powder blushes as they stay long instead of cream ones
  • Do not forget to use your makeup fix

Lehenga for a winter wedding

Prominent purple, blooming blues, fiery orange, ever-raging reds, metallic, dazzling gold, and gushy greens are the best colours for winter weddings. You can also select heavy fabrics such as velvet aligned with heavy work and embellishments.

Lehenga for bridesmaids

While the bride wants to look graceful in a lehenga, the bridesmaids need to match that extravagant atmosphere. When you select a bridesmaid lehenga, take into account the activities you will be involved in during the ceremony. 

The bridesmaid's lehenga should be light but at the same time appear elegant for ease and comfort. Go for lightweight fabrics such as chiffon and soft silk with embroidery, gota, phulkari, or Kundan work. All you need to ensure is that your lehenga is comfortable.

Lehenga for party 

Your party lehenga will depend upon the type of party you are planning to attend. If you are attending a cocktail party, you might be looking for a chic look. A contemporary lehenga with minimal embellishment, sleek features, and light fabric is your perfect match. 

In the case of formal dinner parties, your lehenga should showcase sophistication and elegance. Calm tones like charcoal grey, wine red, and navy blue with delicate embellishments and a classic clutch are all you need.

Lehenga for Navratri 

Choosing a lehenga for Navratri will require your attention and personal taste. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect Navratri lehenga:

  • Select vibrant colours such as orange, pink, yellow, red, and navy blue as they symbolize festivity.
  • Choose breathable and comforting fabric like cotton, chiffon, and georgette for ease in dancing.
  • Embellishments like gota patti, mirror work, sequins, and embroidery will showcase the traditional features of your lehenga.

Final thoughts

Right from choosing the perfect lehenga according to your body type, to selecting lehengas for various occasions is a work of precision. Your right choice considering skin tone, body type, and occasion all play an important role. So be wise and select a lehenga that will show off your excellent features.


How do different types of lehengas suit various body types and occasions?

The flow, pattern, design, work, and cuts are different in every lehenga style. Moreover, lehengas are available in various designs, patterns, and works. This makes it easier to select a lehenga that suits various body types and occasions.

What factors should be considered when selecting a lehenga for specific events?

Consider factors such as your body type, skin tone, personal style, fabric, and intensity of the occasion while selecting a lehenga for specific events.

What cultural influences have contributed to the global popularity and adaptation of traditional Indian lehengas?

Cultural festivals, destination weddings, Bollywood movies, social media influence, and cultural fusion are some factors leading to the global popularity and adaptation of traditional Indian lehengas. 

What are some essential tips for accessorizing and styling lehengas, particularly in challenging weather conditions like summer?

Some essential tips for accessorizing and styling lehengas for challenging weather conditions like summer are:

  • Go for powder-based makeup instead of cream ones
  • select lightweight jewellery
  • the fabric of the lehenga should be light and breathable
  • soft shade lehenga works best to keep the heat away

How can bridesmaids ensure their lehenga choice complements the bride's ensemble and wedding theme?

First, you need to consult the bride so your bridesmaid's lehenga is in sync with her wedding lehenga. Factors such as colour coordination, styling, fabric, and embellishments also matter. Additionally, aligns with the wedding theme whether it is traditional, modern, vintage, or a destination wedding.

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