How to choose the right saree for your body type?

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When it comes to sarees, who doesn't want to slay the fashion game? The saree is an Indian traditional outfit that is also passed down to generations as a souvenir. Now, every saree can look breathtaking. But will it perfectly blend to the curves of every body type creating an ethereal and glamorous look? The answer is no because each body is different in its way. So you need to know how to choose the right saree for your body type.

You cannot just go and grab the most beautiful-looking saree without considering your body type. The curves, the appearance, and the shape of your body matter a lot when you want to select an outfit. With thousands of designs and varieties of fabrics, you need to select the one that will harmoniously blend with your body type.

Here, you will get the best tips on how to choose a saree according to body shape. No matter what your shape is, there will always be a saree that will make you look glamorous and enchanting. So let's begin.

Tips on how to choose a saree according to body shape 

Saree for different body type

Some of you are skinny, while some are chubby and others may have great curves to flaunt. So is every fabric capable of showcasing the natural beauty of your body? Nope! Surely every type of body is different and so are the characteristics of every fabric. Silk, chiffon, cotton, georgette, satin, organza, tissue, brocade, net, linen, khadi, crepe along many more, all are different. 

Let's see how to choose the right saree for your body type to highlight your mesmerizing body features:

Saree for pear-shaped body

A pear-shaped body means you have a lighter bust in comparison to your hips with a perfectly defined waist. So now you need to create a balanced look where your lower body is not much highlighted. A saree for a pear-shaped body should have soft and flowy fabrics. These can include satin, chiffon, georgette, and crepe which will drape effortlessly around your body. 

The pallu of your saree can have heavy zari work or embellishments to shift attention from your hips to your upper body. Furthermore, adding a blouse with heavy embroidery will also help you create a balanced look. A meaningful piece of advice is to avoid mermaid drape saree as well as stuffy and thick fabrics, like organza, tissue silk, and brocade.

Saree for rectangular-shaped body 

Those with a rectangular body shape have a lack of well-defined features and more of a flat body. This is because the bust, waist, and hips are all about the same size. Now to create that glammed-up look you should select a saree that will add features to your look. If you want a saree for a rectangular-shaped body, your option can be an organza, net, cotton, and linen.

You can also select a kanjivaram saree, banarsi sari, or a tussar georgette saree if you are looking for a traditional option. What you can do is always try to pleat the pallu rather than free flow to add volume to your look. Pair it with a heavy work blouse with a v-neck or sweetheart neck that has full sleeves to complete your look. Or else, you can also opt for an off-shoulder blouse to flaunt your toned arms.

Saree for an apple-shaped body 

If you have an apple-shaped body, it means your shoulders, bust, and midsection are wider but the lower body is narrow. So for all the apples out there, it is better to choose a saree that is lightweight and flowy. Fabrics like chiffon, satin, and georgette are great as they are flowy rather than fabrics that are clingy and stick to the skin. A saree for an apple-shaped body should have a flowy fabric that will give you a nice and skim silhouette look.

For the choice of blouse, you should opt for a dark-shade sleek blouse with a v-neck or deeper neckline. The draping also matters for apple-shaped bodies, because you do not want to add volume to your outfit. So opt for a Gujarati drape or any style that will give a slimming effect.

Saree for Hourglass shaped body

Let me tell you that an hourglass body type is the best body shape for a saree. If you have such a body, do not miss the opportunity to show off your perfect curves. So an hourglass body means your upper body and lower body are almost of the same proportion and have a well-defined waist. 

A saree for an hourglass-shaped body can be of satin, crepe, chiffon, or georgette. These fabrics will meticulously drape around your body and flaunt your curves. Try to choose a minimalist saree with less work and embroidery. Pair your saree with a sleeveless or strappy blouse with a mermaid drape or a front loop pallu drape.

Saree for Inverted triangle body

An inverted triangle body means you have a broad upper body and a narrow lower body with a well-defined waist. So select a saree where the attention falls on your waist and lower body rather than your upper body. 

Cotton silk, tussar silk, raw silk, kanjivaram, and organza saree are your best options for a saree for an inverted triangle body. These saree are great to flaunt your waist and you can also add a belt to complete the look. A deep v-neck with a fitted full-sleeved blouse is a perfect match if you want to highlight broad shoulders. Furthermore, be sure to avoid net sarees because they won't be able to drape well around your upper body.

Saree for Round shaped body

Selecting a saree for a round-shaped body is not as tough as it might look. For all the round-shaped beauties out there, you need to select a saree that is flowy around your curves. The midsection of your body is round so select a saree that has a soft fabric. Chiffon, georgette, soft silk, or printed cotton sarees will look great on your figure forming a perfect drape. Try to stay away from thick saree fabrics as they can look bulky on your figure.

As your body is round your saree should be able to create an illusion of slim and elongated silhouette. So darker shades with vertical stripes or vertical minimal embellishments will look great on you. Furthermore, a sleeveless blouse with a sweetheart neckline can help you make an elongated appearance.

Do not forget to apply these tips on how to choose a saree according to body shape next time you go shopping.

From where to get a customized body-shaped saree online? 

At Sandyashah we offer our customers ready-made or half-stitched sarees. The saree as well as the blouse provided is customised according to the desired body shape of the customer. At Sandhya Shah, we have a collection of sarees with traditional ideas that are mixed up with contemporary silhouettes. This style collection works great for those who want to showcase a modern look but with a traditional outfit. So visit our website to explore many other options and styles to add a glamorous collection to your wardrobe.

Final thoughts

Saree has become a worldwide fashion statement reflecting India's diverse culture and tradition. With the latest fashion trends and styles, sarees have become a popular choice for many women. But remember you need to pick a saree that can harmoniously blend with your body shape. You need to pick a saree with a fabric, design, and style that can complement your unique body shape. Additionally, the draping style contributes towards creating a silhouette that suits your body. So when you want to know how to choose the right saree for your body type, this blog is all you need.


Do you provide customized body-shaped sarees?

Yes, at Sandhya Shah we provide our customers with customized body-shaped sarees.

Does a saree look good on slim girls?

Yes, a saree looks good on slim girls, but pick a lightweight and flowy saree rather than a heavily embroidered saree.

Does a saree look good on chubby girls?

Yes, a saree with lightweight and flowy fabric along with proper design and style that suits your body type, will look good on chubby girls.

Which saree material is best to look slim?

A saree of lightweight fabric like chiffon, georgette, and crepe accentuates your curves and helps create a slender look.

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