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A long, flowy, frock-style dress that flares out from your waist down! Yes, we are talking about the ever-trendy Anarkali dress, originating from the Mughal era. Anarkali dress never fails to give you a rich and magnificent look that radiates royalty. It is a sophisticated outfit, tailored into a perfect ensemble by carefully choosing the right fabric for your Anarkali dress.

Legend says, the dress ‘Anarkali’ gets its name from a court dancer of the Mughal emperor Akbar. Since then, this outfit has bewitched the hearts of many. Let's dig deeper to know what type of fabric will be a better-suiting option for your Anarkali dress. 

Consider occasion and seasons

Considering the climate and event you are attending can affect your decision to choose the right fabric for your Anarkali dress. The thing is, you want to look stylish. At the same time, seeking comfort is also necessary. Selecting a fabric according to the event and the season can help you make or break your look.

For instance, the outfit you wear at a wedding ceremony will differ depending upon the seasonal difference. Luxurious and heavy fabric works great for winter weddings in the evening and nighttime. Whereas, the fabric for a summer wedding would be light, flowy, and breathable. 

Now, if it is a cocktail party, you will opt for a fabric that radiates elegance, giving you an ethereal look. In such a case, sheer fabric, satin, embellished fabric, and delicate lace will be the perfect choice to make a lasting impression.

Most Suitable Fabrics for Anarkali Dress

Most Suitable Fabrics for Anarkali Dress

You can find an Anarkali dress in various designs and fabrics for casual wear, parties, events, or formal occasions. Now, fabric can be of numerous varieties for every other kind of Anarkali dress. However, let's talk about the most suitable fabrics for an Anarkali dress that will elevate the entire look of your outfit.


The natural sheen of the silk fabric allows your dress to give out a glow that is subtle but at the same time noticeable. Silk is a rich fabric that has a smooth texture with great fluidity. These characteristics allow silk to be tailored into a work of perfection where it can be draped gracefully with a flowing silhouette. A silk anarkali dress with zari, resham embroidery, sequins, or beadwork will give you a calm and composed look.


Georgette is a soft and airy fabric that is lightweight and flowy. This quality allows it to drape delicately around your body. Additionally, it gives a gentle movement to the dress allowing it to sway with every step you take. Georgette Anarkali dress is a great choice for weddings, festivities, and special occasions. Adorn your georgette Anarkali dress with threadwork, crystals, floral or paisley print, or satin or organza ribbons to enhance the look.


Chiffon is a sheer, lightweight, and flowy fabric with a delicate texture. Due to its delicate nature, it does not add a lot of structure or weight to your Anarkali dress. It gives you a graceful drape with a gentle flow that creates a soft and ethereal look. You can adorn it with pearl work, chikan embroidery, and delicate laces to create a chic and feminine look.


Cotton is a lightweight and breathable fabric that will provide you with comfort and relaxation. It’s your best buddy to beat the summer heat, at the same time giving you a casual and stylish look. The simplicity of cotton has its charm when designed with colourful prints and embellishments. So be it a casual outing or a daytime event, a cotton Anarkali dress will provide you comfort throughout the day.


Velvet never fails to give you a lush and luxurious look. Anarkali dress when made with soft and plush velvet fabric, will give out regal vibes. The natural sheen and colour depth of velvet add sophistication and grandeur to your outfit. You can opt for embellishments like zardozi, resham embroidery, gota patti, or mirror work as they pair well with velvet.


Net is a sheer and delicate fabric and a great choice if you want an ethereal look. Your Anarkali dress will have an elegant silhouette and create a whimsical look due to the sheer nature of the net fabric. The transparency of the net can be combined with delicate intricate cutwork, delicate threadwork, crystal embroidery, or lacework. A net Anarkali dress is a great choice for weddings, special occasions, and cocktail parties.

Other Considerations


Embellishments and embroidery

The nature of each fabric is different, due to which the embellishments and embroidery the fabric can hold also differs. For instance, cotton is good for traditional work but lacks structure due to which heavy work doesn’t suit well.

However, silk has a good canvas and can be a great option for heavy work dresses. Similarly, chiffon is a delicate fabric suitable for thread work and pearls.

Georgette can be a balancing fabric between silk and chiffon which can support intricate embroidery and embellishments. When you look at velvet, it is a rich fabric that can hold intricate beadwork, stonework, zari, zardozi, and mirror work. Whereas, the net is delicate and suitable for threadwork and sequins but not best for heavy work and stones. 

Personal Style Preference

Now, when you decide on a fabric for your Anarkali dress, always try to reflect your style and comfort. Your personal preference of whether you want a chic, elegant, or Bohemian look is necessary. This helps you to carry your Anarkali dress with comfort and confidence.


The occasion, season, along with your style and preferences are all necessary points to take into consideration. These factors can greatly impact your decision to choose the right fabric for anarkali dress. Sure, there are numerous fabrics in the market, but silk, georgette, chiffon, cotton, velvet and net are the best options. Before selecting the fabric, be aware of the type of work you want for your Anarkali dress. This is because every fabric is not suitable for every type of work as they have different characteristics. So pick up your desired fabric that matches your style, preference, and the design you are looking for your Anarkali dress.


What is Anarkali's Ideal Length?

The ideal length of an Anarkali dress is 58 inches, but it can be customized according to the different styles and preferences of the customer.

How much fabric is required for the Anarkali suit?

A minimum of 5 meters of fabric is required for the Anarkali suit, however, it can change as per the flare required. 

Where to buy stitched Anarkali dresses online?

You can buy stitched Anarkali dresses online at SandhyaShah, as we offer our customers the best quality products with customizable options.

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