Anarkali vs. Straight Suit: which is better?

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Anarkali vs straight suit: which is better? I guess many women are often stuck between these thoughts when it comes to picking one. Now this can be a tricky question. But you are at the right place because we will help you understand both to make a proper choice that suits you.

As you know, Anarkali is a renowned dress coming right from the Mughal era. It has been a popular fashion choice among celebrities and individuals. As for straight suits, they offer you a tailored look and a modern twist.

The personal choices and preferences of an individual can always differ. So the ultimate choice will be according to your styling. But we will look into some features and compare these two fashion choices to help you make a better choice. 

Anarkali suits 

Anarkali suits

Anarkali suit is a frock-type dress. It has a perfect fitting from your shoulders to your waist and then flares out dramatically creating a stunning silhouette. It is easy to confuse Anarkali styles with modern gowns that have roughly similar structures but differ in length.

When you want to look at the history of Anarkali suits, this fashion wear has the most stunning history. Surely their origin is from the Mughal era. The courtesans used to wear these dresses and perform their songs and dances in the court. The elegant look of the Anarkali suit enhanced their graceful movements. 

This fashion style soon got adopted by royals as well as commoners. Let’s take a look at some of the breathtaking features of the Anarkali dress:

Popularity of Anarkali dress

It is not wrong to say that Anarkali suits have become a timeless charm after you know about its history. Looking at today's fashion choices, you will see that Anarkali is preferred for weddings, and festivities as well as for casual wear. Be it a traditional look or a contemporary style, an Anarkali dress will never let you down.

Variations of Anarkali suits

Of Course, you can never forget about variations when it comes to dressing styles. Anarkali suits can never disappoint you with the different variations in designs and floor lengths you get as options. Right from the classic floor length Anarkali to a shorter version with above the knee and below the knee are available. You will always find something that suits your styling choices with an Anarkali suit.

Body types that suit an Anarkali suit

The basic structure of an Anarkali suit is a flared silhouette that adds volume to your lower body creating illusional curves. So this type of dress is best suited for those who have a pear-shaped body or a slim figure. However, with modern styles and variations in silhouettes, almost all body types can rock an Anarkali suit look.

Styling tips for Anarkali suit

  • Statement jewelry such as a necklace or earrings can enhance your look.
  • Pairing embellished heels or any slighter heels will elevate the look of the Anarkali silhouette.
  • A contrasting dupatta will help you add visual interest to your outfit especially if it’s an anarkali dress.

Straight suits

Straight Suit

A straight kurti gives you a simple yet elegant look with a classic Indian style. The top consists of a fitted kurta that is paired with matching pants or even skirts in some styling options. 

As it is a classic Indian wear, you can opt for a salwar suit for both heavy wear and casual occasions. The designs, styles, and work of the dress can differ according to the occasion you want it for. These straight suits can never go out of fashion as most of the traditional Indian attire comprises straight suits. 

They have a strong cultural significance in India as well as some neighboring countries. You will also find Punjabi suits that are typically a variation of straight suits that have vibrant colours and bold embroideries. Let's take a look at some of the features of straight suits:

Body types that suit a straight suit

The kurta is a fitted top that helps create a structured silhouette and is suitable for every body type. Whereas for the pairing option, you can either select a pair of pants or a skirt depending upon what suits your body style. One of the best things about a straight suit is that it is suitable for every body type. It can be tailored accordingly to accentuate the features of your body.

Fabrics and designs available for straight suits

You can easily find numerous options when it comes to fabrics and designs for straight suits. Now the choice of fabric and design will differ according to the occasion for which you want the dress. Heavy and luxurious fabrics with heavy work and embellishments work great for weddings, festivities, and special occasions. Whereas for casual wear, you can opt for lighter and breathable fabrics with minimal work or prints.

Tips for styling straight kurti

  • Jhumkas and bangles are the best styling additions to add glamour and elegance when it comes to straight kurtas.
  • Pairing heels or flats is your choice and preference.
  • The dupatta can be draped in various traditional or modern styles depending upon the look you desire.

Comparison between Anarkali suits and straight suits

  1. The Anarkali suit gives you a flared silhouette look, whereas the straight suit offers a structured silhouette with a fitted kurta.
  2. Anarkali suits are a perfect choice if you are attending grand events like weddings, festivities, and special occasions. Straight suits can also offer you a grand look and casual look for both big and casual events. But the charm of straight suits cannot match that of an Anarkali suit when it comes to grand celebrations.
  3. Anarkali suits have an amazing flare and can be a bit uncomfortable if you plan to carry them from dusk to dawn. Whereas, straight suits are comfortable and can be carried around easily giving you ease of movement.


Both the Anarkali suits as well as the straight suits are a preferable fashion choice. Their popularity, variations, and their suitability for almost all body types add more value to their features. Now it depends upon the wearer according to their style and comfort they desire. So next time when there is a conflict in your mind regarding anarkali or straight suit: which is better? You can clear your confusion with this blog.


What is the difference between Anarkali and Aline?

Anarkali are full-length dresses with flares and no side cuts, whereas Aline dresses have cuts on both sides without any flares.

Which fabric is best for the Anarkali suit?

Cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, net, and velvet are some of the best fabric choices for an anarkali suit.

Are Anarkali suits still in fashion in 2024?

Anarkali suits are a popular choice when it comes to grand occasions. Additionally, with various trendy designs and styling options they tend to remain in fashion almost every time.

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