These 23 lehenga is in trend for 2024

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Did you know that lehenga was originally the attire of Rajput women but was evolved into Indian fashion by the Mughals? Coming back to the present, you will see that lehenga is still the top choice for prestigious occasions. Well, it is not a game to maintain that charm and elegance for this long. Over the years, numerous fashion influences have come up around lehenga, so let’s see which lehenga is in trend for 2024.

When you take a look around the globe, the popularity of lehenga has gained significant encouragement. A flared skirt along with a fitted blouse and dupatta is the Indian traditional ensemble and also a glamorous fashion wave globally. Eventually, this global impact has resulted in the combination of traditional beauty with global influences, giving you numerous design and style options. Let’s take a look at the current 23 trendy lehengas in 2024.

These 23 lehenga is in trend for 2024

Exquisite Embroidery 

Exquisite embroideries like zari, zardozi, dabka, gota patti, chikankari, gara, and mirror work are used to increase the richness of the lehenga. These embroidery options are then designed on the lehenga in the form of floral, foliage, and other nature-based designs. 

Contemporary lehengas

We are talking about silhouettes and styling like capes, jackets, and asymmetrical hemlines that are used for contemporary lehenga. These modern elements will add a fresh look to your lehenga making you stand out.

Pastel lehengas

The pastel lehenga trend has added a touch of sophistication and an ethereal vibe. Who wouldn't love to stand out in serene blue, blush pink, peach, mint, and lavender with intricate embellishments and delicate embroidery? It is a perfect choice for a minimalist bride and those who prefer soft hues. It is also a great choice if you are looking for the latest simple lehenga.

Sheer elegance

Sheer fabrics like organza, net, and chiffon are creating a craze among women. The sheer panels, sleeves, and dupatta create sensuality and showcase detailed designs in the form of floral patterns and sequin work. So add a touch of romanticism and radiate sheer elegance with a perfect sheer lehenga.

Bold prints and patterns

Among the 23 lehengas in trend for 2024, prints and patterns will never go out of fashion. You can add bold prints and patterns to your lehenga like digital prints, block prints, and hand-painted motifs. Geometric patterns and abstract designs will add a captivating effect and make you stand out with your printed lehenga.

Cape lehenga

Another option to go freehand is to opt for the cape lehenga. The cape is replaced with the dupatta and is attached to the back of your blouse. Adding a regal touch to your entire outfit, cape lehenga is best suited for those fashion-forward people seeking sophistication and trends. 

Metallic lehenga

The top lehenga trends have metallic lehengas that will give your outfit the much-desired aesthetic glamour that radiates luxury. They can offer you both a traditional look with intricate design and a modern look with minimalist design. Gold, silver, copper, bronze, rose gold, metallic blues, and greens, jewel tones of ruby red and sapphire blue are your options.

Printed lehenga 

Right now, the printed lehenga is in rage, offering your lehenga a fresh vibe of floral prints, intricate paisleys, or geometric designs. As the prints are bright and cheerful, they are a perfect match for daytime weddings, brunch parties, and lighter wedding rituals.

Fringe lehenga

Want to try something fun? Fringe lehengas are all you need to sway with every step. You can opt for subtle fringe or a full-on fringe lehenga, depending upon the vibe of the occasion. Furthermore, the fringe can be of fabric, feathers, beads, tassels, or ribbons.

Layered lehenga 

One thing is for sure, layered lehenga can create a mesmerizing silhouette with layers of luxurious fabric. They will create a romantic and ethereal vibe for your outfit with the soft and flowy fabric. A layered lehenga works great if you want to add some depth to your lehenga.

The jacket lehenga

For those seeking a little extra coverage or to add some warmth to your lehenga, opt for the jacket lehenga trend. Mostly, the lehenga is sleek and minimalist with a long heavily worked jacket. But you can also go for a short-length heavy-work jacket where the blouse is simple with a heavy lehenga. 

The dhoti lehenga

The latest lehenga design for 2024 has a fusion of the dhoti pants and traditional lehenga. The dhoti lehenga has a unique silhouette where the lehenga is draped and pleated featuring the dhoti style. Intricate embroidery and minimalist designs blend perfectly with dhoti lehenga making it an excellent choice for statement attire.

The ruffle lehenga 

A lehenga with lightweight and flowy fabric adorned with delicate sequins or floral motifs with soft layers of descending ruffles. The ruffle lehenga will surely give out princess vibes with a romantic look. They are a great choice for weddings and cocktail parties.

The asymmetrical lehenga

The asymmetrical lehenga can have both subtle-asymmetries and drastic high-low hemlines instead of a round silhouette. Georgette, chiffon, and silk have fluidity that helps with the graceful draping of the fabric. Threadwork and mirror work enhance the entire look of the asymmetrical lehenga.

Dupatta alternates

If you want to go hands-free, the dupatta alternate trend will complete your look. There will be no dupatta but rather a fabric meticulously attached to the lehenga. It can either be at the back of your blouse, attached to the shoulder, or in the form of overhead draping. Designers are drooling over this trend.

Tone-on-tone embellishments

This one makes you free from the gold and silver embroidery and embellishments. Matching the embroidery, embellishments, and sequins to the tone of your lehenga is a new trend adopted by designers. So get a subtle look with tone-on-tone embellishments with numerous colours, styles, and fabrics.

Full sleeves

A full-sleeve blouse will add a sense of finesse to your lehenga and elevate your silhouette. It's an amazing trend where the sleeve designs are uplifted with sheer fabric, embellishments, and sequins. You can also style the full sleeves with a dope-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, or a full-sleeve umbrella look.

Sleeve love

Sleeve Love focuses on various sleeve options to enhance the look of your lehenga. Sculptured shoulders, ruffled sleeves, off-shoulder, bouncy sleeves, or feathered tassels are some options adopted by top designers. But make sure the sleeve choice matches your body perfectly.

Off-the-shoulder lehengas

This trend has managed to stay in the limelight for a long time. Until now, you might have observed many styles of off-the-shoulder lehengas. But the latest style will provide beaded fringe, statement sleeves, and feathered sleeves.

Bustier choli

Bustier choli is a tight-fitted structured blouse that compliments the overall look of the lehenga beautifully. This trend offers various styles like strapless blouses, thin straps, and puffy sleeves. You can also design the blouse with mirror work, sequins, and embellishments to elevate the look.


Sequins are your go-to option if you love to add a lot of sparkle to your lehenga. A sequin lehenga is the perfect pick for festivities and wedding celebrations to glam up your look. This trend can never get out of fashion.

Fuchsia pink

This vibrant hue of pink will leave people drooling over your lehenga. Be it a traditional lehenga that has heavy-work, or a sleek and minimalist lehenga, fuchsia pink will electrify your look. This vibrant colour is not only a part of 23 lehengas in trend for 2024 but is in fashion almost every time.

Cut-out choli

This trend is about elevating the level of your choli with cut-out at the sides or the back. Those who are daring, can try this cut-out choli look to add glam and a chic style to their lehenga look. 

Final thoughts

From traditional, classic, and modern to fusional styles and designs, these 23 lehenga designs are in trend for 2024. Each of the designs has its unique charm and elegance. They offer you zestful fashion choices that help you showcase your inner fashionista.


What are the top trends dominating the lehenga fashion scene?

Metallic shades, dhoti lehenga, and sheer fabrics like organza are currently the top trends dominating the lehenga fashion scene.

How are designers incorporating contemporary elements into traditional lehenga designs?

Structured blouses, modern sleeve designs like sculptured, ruffled, or bouncy sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, and sequin designs are some of the contemporary elements incorporated into traditional lehenga designs.

How do fashionistas personalize their lehenga looks with accessories and embellishments?

Depending upon the style and look of the lehenga, you can add statement jewelry, minimalist jewellery, an embellished belt, or a jacket to your lehenga for a personal touch. Embroidery calligraphy, floating embroidery, and tassels are some embellishment options to add a personal touch to the lehenga.

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