How to Stay Cool and Chic in Summer

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What’s your first thought when you want to step out in the summer heat? All you want is to look fresh and stylish but the heat waves leave you all sticky and messy. That’s the reason most women prefer to stay indoors in air-conditioned rooms instead of exploring the pleasing summer atmosphere. Being able to stay cool and chic in summer can be challenging if you don’t know the summer essential fashion tips.

Gear up to fight the summer heat with your chic style as we crack the summer fabric choices along with summer fashion essentials. We will further look into dressing for the heat and embracing colours and prints for the sunny weather. Also, be ready for amazing beauty and skincare tips along with hair care in the heat. 

Summer fashion essentials

While tight-fitted clothes have their beauty and charm, they are not always the right choice, especially for summer. You need something comfortable yet stylish. So pick up loose and flowy clothes that stay away from your skin and at the same time create a mesmerising silhouette. When you think about it, oversized t-shirts and long maxi gowns are the first things to pop up in your mind. Instead, take a look at the many options that are a perfect pick to fill your summer capsule wardrobe -

  1. A maxi or midi skirt can never go wrong for summer as it flows gracefully and gives you good coverage. 
  2. Wide-leg cotton or linen pants are a must-have for your summer collection. They look professional and are light and comfy.
  3. Pick a tiered dress instead of a maxi dress this time. They are loose and comfy and the tiers add a style statement giving you a chic look.
  4. Talking about loose and comfy, kaftan will always be on the list. It is a perfect summer fashion essential that can never go wrong.
  5. Never forget to add shorts to your summer wardrobe. Pick jeans or tailored cotton or linen shorts in neutral colours, whatever suits best to your style best.
  6. Shirts are always a good option for summer. Especially a white or neutral colour cotton or linen shirt. And if you want a more classy look, do not miss out on a satin shirt.
  7. Not to forget a little white collection. Be it white denim jeans or a jacket, shorts, shirts, or even a little white dress can add a cool and calm element to your wardrobe.

Dressing for the heat

So how do you style yourself when you have summer heat hitting you all the time? Let's take a look at a few noteworthy tips to style yourself for summer -

  1. If you want to add layers to your outfit, a white or blue denim jacket is always stylish. But if you want a monochrome look, layer with cardigans of light beige shades.
  2. Wide-brimmed hats are the best ones for summer. Either opt for a floppy hat or a more structured hat in either back, white, or beige.
  3. Black square or round sunglasses are always a classy choice for summer. But you can also pick some bright colours like red, yellow or pink if you want a bold look.
  4. You can also add cotton, chiffon, or satin scarves with floral or asymmetrical prints and patterns for a more stylish look.

Embrace Light colours and prints for summer

Your summer capsule wardrobe should consist of lighter colours such as white, pastels, and shades of beige. These colours attract less heat and help you keep calm and cool when the sun is above your head. Also, you can add floral and bohemian prints to your summer outfits. They pair well with the colour shades you pick for summer.

Summer beauty and skincare 

While you pay attention to your summer wardrobe, don’t skip on your beauty and skin care preparations for summer. You already know that sunscreen is a must before you step out in the sun for a long day ahead. Other than that, pay attention to the type of makeup you use. If you are using cream-based makeup you need to stop as it can make your skin look more oily. Instead, switch to powder-based makeup that can soak up the sweat and oil in summer. Not to forget a cooling face mist that will keep your skin hydrated in the heat.

Hair care in the heat

In all the styling fuss, you must care equally for your hair. The first thing is to leave back styling options like curls and straightening. Natural hairs are good for summer as styling will only add more heat to your hair which you don't want. Next is to pick a loose hairstyle and make your hair fall rather than pull up. Also, try not to leave your house without a hat or a headscarf to protect your hair from excessive heat.


If you are looking for ideas to stay cool and chic in summer heat, you have landed on the right page. You will soon become a pro at picking up the best summer fabrics and summer essential outfits for your wardrobe. Moreover, how to style yourself in the heat along with picking proper colours and prints also awaits you. Lastly, we also have some great beauty, skin, and hair tips that you cannot miss for summer.

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