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After lehenga, sharara is selected by the majority when it comes to picking up an outfit for weddings or major functions. This makes sharara an eminent thread woven into the fabric of traditional wear. To make sure everyone is awestruck with your look, you first need to know the best occasions to wear a sharara. Additionally, selecting the proper accessories to wear with sharara is also necessary if you want to rock your look.

You will find numerous occasions, celebrations, and parties where you want to opt for a traditional look. But confusion always wanders at the back of your head about whether your selected outfit works for the occasion. Here in this blog, we aim to help you clear out that confusion. We not only tell you about the best occasion to wear a sharara but also how to style it with accessories. Let’s start by understanding what a sharara actually means.

Understanding Sharara 

Understanding Sharara

So basically, a sharara is so similar to a lehenga that many times people opt for a sharara as their wedding dress. This is also because sharara is a pant style comfortable option for lehenga. The only thing that differentiates a sharara from a lehenga is the pant style. A pair of flared pants that is fitted at the waist, then flaring out to the bottom. 

Though the sharara has a Lebanese origin, it also has connections with Yemen’s Hamedan tribe. The queens and princesses of the tribe wore customized shararas as their royal outfits. Then of course, it came to India along with the Mughals. Since then, it has been worn, styled, and designed in different fabrics suiting various occasions:

  1. Go with a silk fabric sharara which is best for weddings and festivities because of its smooth texture and sheen. 
  2. Chiffon is best suitable for reception or parties as it is a lightweight, delicate, and sheer fabric that drapes beautifully.
  3. Georgette is a lightweight fabric that has a slight texture and is best suited for formal and casual gatherings.
  4. If it is summer or daytime events, cotton is your go-to option as it is a breathable fabric. It is comfortable for every occasion.
  5. Net is a lightweight and sheer fabric that gives a romantic and feminine appearance. You can go for net shararas for weddings, receptions, and festivities.
  6. Velvet is a great option for cold weather. Due to its luxurious and royal appearance, it is a great option for weddings and formal occasions.

Different variations in sharara design

The sharara is a versatile dress that can be styled and designed easily according to various occasions. The different variations in the sharara design make it possible for women to select sharara for any type of occasion.

Flared sharara - They flare out dramatically from your waist to the bottom giving you a voluminous look. Pair it with a fitted top or kurti for a better look.

Straight sharara - The flare is minimal in straight sharara to give you a sleek look and is paired with long tops or tunics.

Palazzo sharara - If you want a contemporary look, get a palazzo sharara. They are just like the wide-legged palazzo pants and pair them with a crop top or short kurti.

Paneled sharara - Your best option for a visually attractive and unique look is a paneled sharara. The flare of the sharara is made by stitching multiple panels of fabric together.

Anarkali sharara - Here the top is that of an Anarkali suit that is fitted from top to the waist and then flares out. The bottom is a flared sharara and when combined with the top it creates an anarkali sharara look.

High-low sharara - The hemline of the sharara is high at the front and low at the back giving you an asymmetrical and modern look. 

Best Occasions to Wear a Sharara

Best Occasions to Wear a Sharara

Sharara is an outfit that can give you a regal look. Of course, you can wear it for almost every occasion. Those who want to try out different fashion styles will opt for Sharara for casual outings as well. But, the best occasions to wear a sharara and flaunt your fashion choices are as follows:

Wedding celebrations

Sharara can be worn as a wedding dress as well as an outfit for other people's weddings. Other wedding functions like the mehendi, sangeet, and engagement are also considered as best occasions to wear a sharara. If you want to wear it as a wedding outfit, select a sharara with velvet or silk fabric. They are luxurious fabrics with a sheen and can easily handle all types of heavy work. If you are a minimalist bride, opt for a net sharara with delicate embellishments and sequins for a romantic look.

Eid and Festivals

Navratri, Diwali, Eid, and many other festive occasions call out for a traditional look. Sharara, having its roots in the traditional clothing history, is a great choice for festivities. But as festive attire calls out for vibrant colours, be sure to pick the right colour palette for your sharara. Royal blues and purples, emerald greens, bright yellows, and oranges signify prosperity, happiness, growth, and elegance. Making them a perfect choice for festive occasions.

Formal Parties and Receptions

Formal events, receptions, and cocktail parties can also be a supportive atmosphere to flaunt a sharara look. Usually, women opt for a contemporary and modern sharara look when it comes to such events. A high waist sharara with a crop top, an off-shoulder top with flared sharara, and a long jacket with a straight sharara work best. Additionally, you can also pair sharara with an asymmetrical top, a ruffled top, or a wrap top for a modern look. 

Styling accessories for Shararas

Styling accessories for Shararas

You need to be careful while selecting accessories to wear with sharara as it can make or break your entire look.


While selecting jewellery, first consider the occasion and the overall aesthetic of your sharara. Suppose you want jewellery for a wedding sharara, a polki or a Kundan bridal jewellery set will give you a traditional look. Try to include bold polki or kundan bangles and kadas, anklets, nose rings, and waist belts for a complete bridal look.

Statement pieces like necklaces, earrings, or maang tikka with colourful gemstones or crystals are best for festive shararas. Tag along some stackable bangles and gemstone rings to complete your festive look. Similarly, Delicate necklaces, stud earrings or ear cuffs, cuff bracelets, slim belts, and rings work best for formal and cocktail parties.


You will find numerous footwear options like flats, block heels, wedges, mojris, juttis, pumps, and platform sandals. Rather than selecting footwear based on occasion, choose one that pairs well with your sharara. For a traditional sharara with lots of heavy work, select embellished heels, flats, or juttis, whichever is comfortable for you. Similarly, stiletto heels or pumps with metallic or neutral shades along with crystal or pearl works are suitable for formal parties. 

Handbags and Clutches

When it comes to formal parties and cocktail parties, a clutch can be your best choice. An envelope clutch with smooth texture in metallic or neutral shades, or a crystal-embellished clutch suits best for contemporary style. Whereas, a beaded potli bag, embroidered, velvet, or brocade clutch is best suitable for weddings and festivities.


Sharara is a traditional outfit that has Mughal roots and is somewhat similar to lehenga. The differentiating point is the pant style which makes it a comfortable option for weddings, festivities, and formal parties. These are some of the best occasions to wear a sharara. You also need to be careful while selecting the right fabric for sharara according to different occasions. Similarly, the accessories to wear with sharara like jewellery, footwear, and handbags are also vital points to complete your look. So next time when you want to wear a sharara, pay attention to the style you want to reflect. Then, accordingly select the fabric, sharara, and accessories that pair well with your sharara style.


Can we wear Sharara in Diwali?

Yes, you can wear sharara on Diwali as it is a traditional outfit that is also suitable for many festive occasions.

Which hairstyle goes with Sharara?

Side partition buns, braided French braids, crown tails, braided buns, both side diagonal braids, and side parts with loose buns are some of the best hairstyles that go with sharara.

What to wear with Sharara?

Wear a kundan or polki set for a heavy traditional sharara and statement pieces with stacky bangles for a festive sharara. Similarly, for formal occasions, sharara wears delicate necklaces with stud earrings, cuff bracelets, statement rings, and a slim belt.

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