The Do's and Don'ts of Office Fashion

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“First impression is the last impression”. Isn't it a suitable phrase when it comes to office fashion? So basically, your attire is the first thing that comes under observation at your workplace. You need to make sure that your office outfit reflects professionalism and at the same time showcases your personality. And for the best results, you first need to know about the do’s and don’ts of office fashion.

Not everyone is aware of the proper requirements of your workplace outfit. In fact, you will find a certain dress code at some workplaces. Now how to strike a perfect balance between your office dress code and your styling is a hanging question. But once you know about the proper do’s and don’ts, you will be able to make informed choices and selections. So let us get started with understanding the requirements of office wear. And how can you add your personal touch with your styling and accessorizing techniques?

The Do’s of office fashion

The Do’s of office fashion

So before we begin with the do’s of office fashion, one sure thing that everyone wants in their dressing style is comfort. So whatever your preference is, be sure you style an appropriate outfit that is professional and maintains your comfort. 

Dress appropriately for your industry

Sometimes, there is a certain dress code given to you by your company that you need to follow. In such a case, you will have to follow what is asked of you. It can either be formal, where suits and ties are required, or semi-formal which has skirts with shirts or blouses. Some companies allow you to dress casually in jeans and T-shirts. All you need to do is first recognize the requirements of your company and then fill your wardrobe for office wear.

Keep it polished and professional

Even if you are wearing formal attire to look professional, it doesn't mean you cannot look stylish. Bring together an outfit that reflects style and professionalism. Sometimes a trendy piece can have cuts and silhouettes that cannot be styled for a proper office look. Here, the best option is to go with timeless pieces that can give you a neat and polished look. You can opt for some of these timeless pieces:

  1. neutral colored tailored blazers like black, beige, ivory, white, cream, and grey are a timeless piece that can create a polished look.
  2. Button-up shirts that have subtle stripes and classic colours like light blue, lilac, white, etc are also good to go.
  3. Well-fitted tailored trousers in black, charcoal grey, navy, tan, brown, beige, and olive green are paired easily creating timeless looks.
  4. If you want a timeless professional outfit that is suitable for office wear and after-events, get a tailored sheath dress. Neutral shades with subtle patterns along with a decent neckline and hemline are necessary for a professional look.
  5. If the weather is cold, go for a cardigan or a sweater to layer above your shirt or blouse. A classic trench coat in beige, camel, or tan colour also pairs well.

Embrace smart casual

The do’s and don’ts of office fashion are not too complicated to follow. Now those who are allowed to go for a casual look for office attire, we have something for you as well. Though the freedom is to wear casuals, you still need to make sure you reflect professionalism. Here are some of the best choices you can go for:

  1. For a smart casual appearance, you can opt for Polo shirts in solid colours like magenta, burgundy, royal blue green, etc.
  2. Go for silk or chiffon blouses or tops with decent necklines and sleeves for a professional touch.
  3. Beige, olive green, khaki, charcoal grey, and navy-coloured tailored chinos give you a casual yet polished look.
  4. Shift or A-line dresses made of quality material can also give you a great professional yet smart casual look. Make sure the dress has decent styling and neckline.
  5. An A-line or a pencil skirt will pair well with any blouse or buttoned or collar shirt. But, it should not be too fitted or short.

Accessorize tastefully

Remember you have to look professional, so try to accessorize tastefully keeping it simple and sophisticated. If your office attire is classic or formal, you can get help from these ideas:

Professional accessorizing -

  • Go for minimalist jewellery like delicate necklaces, stud earrings, or minimal pearl jewellery.
  • A professional-looking watch like the dress watch pairs well.
  • Close-toe pumps or dress flats are your best options.
  • Select a structured handbag or a structured tote for a professional look. 

Casual office look -

  • Pumps with low heels, loafers, or oxfords can give you a neat and casual look.
  • A sleek leather belt can add a bit of style to your outfit.
  • Pair a minimalist watch and delicate jewellery to complete the look.

The don’ts of office fashion

The don’ts of office fashion

Some might get a strict office environment while others are allowed to dress a little casually. However, in both situations, there are certain things that you need to take care of. These are the don’ts of office fashion that you need to watch out for:

  1. Make sure your dress does not have too much cleavage or reveal too much skin.
  2. Ripped jeans and graphic tees are casual and fashionable but not suitable for an office environment.
  3. Say no to padded jackets. Blazers are welcome, but not the old-school style which makes you stand out oddly.
  4. Don’t opt for a hairstyle that looks all unkempt and disheveled. You need to maintain a clean and tidy look.
  5. You can add colours to your outfit but the colour matters. Do not opt for a bright colour palette for your office attire. Fuschia, tangerine, neons are all a big no.
  6. Light and classy make-up is okay. But don't go for a dramatic or cakey make-up look.
  7. Don’t add too many accessories. Minimalist jewelry is ok, but piled-up accessories can spoil your professional look.
  8. Of course you need to look professional, but try not to look too sophisticated. 
  9. Summers can be irritating, so be careful not to look too casual during this season.


Those who are pro at styling can easily select the appropriate outfits to fill your wardrobe for a professional look. The workspace atmosphere is different for everyone. Some of you have a strict environment with a proper dress code, whereas others are free to wear casual outfits. In both cases, a proper dressing sense is required to maintain a professional look. The do’s and don’ts of office fashion are a great help for those who are not into fashion.


What is not appropriate to wear in an office?

Revealing dresses, see-through dresses, tight-fitted dresses, and overly casual outfits are inappropriate in the office.

What colors not to wear in the office?

Colors that are too bright to make you stand out in the crowd and neon colors are not suitable to wear in an office environment.

How can I look classy in the office?

Tailored blazers, trousers, shirts, blouses, and skirts along with minimalist jewelry and proper hairstyle can give you a classy look.

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