What are the Key Pieces of Vintage Fashion?

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Have you ever thought about the charm and elegance of a mesmerizing vintage piece? The latest trend is followed by many and just within weeks it becomes a common topic of discussion. But, it is the vintage piece that makes you stand out, all eyes focused on the ethereal look you present. Now, there are some must-have key pieces of vintage fashion that you can easily incorporate within your modern wardrobe.

Another great reason to add some key vintage fashion pieces to your wardrobe is sustainability. Yes, isn’t it great? While a modern look requires you to go with the latest trendy fashion wear, vintage fashion allows you to repurpose your existing clothes. So let us take a look at some key fashion pieces that you can flaunt by incorporating them with your modern style.

Key pieces of vintage fashion

Key aspects of Vintage fashion

Opting for a vintage style doesn't mean that you have to look like you have just stepped out of a time machine. Nor do you need to create a look that highlights you as a murderess of a mystic novel. Rather, just adding a few key pieces of vintage fashion to your existing wardrobe can do the job just fine. Take a look at these vintage fashion wear:

Vintage dresses

A vintage dress reflects the style and trend of dresses made between 20 to 100 years ago. You can never replace the unique style and look of a vintage dress with a modern-era dress. So, there are various styles that you can opt for, based on your preference, while selecting a vintage dress. Take a look at some of the vintage dress styles:

  • The A-line vintage dress from the sixties with vibrant highly patterned fabrics.
  • The Bias cut vintage dress from the 1930s, also known as mermaid dress.
  • The Empire Line dress from the 1900’s has a slight curve at the waist.
  • The swing dress from the 1940s was a popular choice for dances.
  • The drop-waist dress from the early 1920’s.

Jackets and Coats

A vintage jacket or a coat can also be an appealing way to flaunt vintage style. Take a look at some of these vintage coats and jackets that you opt for:

Vintage coats

  1. The 1950s popular swing coat that is voluminous and flares out from the shoulder. 
  2. The vintage opera coat from the early 20th century is made from luxurious fabric like velvet or silk.
  3. Mod coat from the 1960s that has clean lines, minimalist design, and bold colours.
  4. Chesterfield coat from the 19th century which is a tailored overcoat with velvet collar.

Vintage jackets

  1. 1960’s popular Harrington jacket which is a lightweight jacket with a waist length and a zippered front.
  2. Punk jackets are usually leather or denim jackets, customized with patches, studs, and pins.
  3. Bomber jackets became popular after the Second World War. They have a zippered front, cropped silhouette, and ribbed cuffs and hem.
  4. Kimono jackets are usually made from silk, satin, or cotton. They have wide sleeves and close with a wrap style.

High-waisted pants and Jeans

For those who are a little short in height, vintage high-waisted pants and jeans can be a great addition to your wardrobe. They make your legs look longer and give a curvy look as the waistband slightly curves in. You can rock the style by pairing these vintage pants with crop tops, tucked-in tops, oversized sweaters, or knits. 

Blouses and Shirts

A vintage blouse or shirt can enlighten the entire mood of your outfit. A Ruffle blouse, button-down blouse, bohemian blouse, poet shirt, secretary blouse, and graphic tee can be great picks. Now, remember to never completely dress in a vintage outfit from head to toe. So when you opt for a vintage blouse or a vintage shirt, pair it with jeans for a casual look. Or else pair them with skirts or trousers for a formal look.


Accessories can be a great addition to add a nostalgic feel to your entire outfit. Go for pear necklaces, chunky chains, or geometric-shaped jewellery with bold colours. Wide cinch belts or chain belts are also a great addition. Silk scarves, Pashmina shawls, and lace, or leather gloves are some other vintage accessories that you can carry effortlessly. Be careful, Whatever you choose, should pair well with your entire outfit.

How to Incorporate Vintage Fashion into a Modern Wardrobe? 

We want to make a statement rather than look like a piece of art. For this, you need to wisely pair your vintage statement piece with your modern wardrobe. Here are some helpful tips to understand pairing key pieces of vintage fashion in a better way:

Pick One Statement Piece

Start by selecting what vintage item you want to showcase in your entire look. It can be a blouse, trousers, jacket, coat, or even a mesmerizing jewellery or accessory piece. Now carefully select other pieces from your wardrobe that can balance well with that vintage item. 

Keep it Simple

If you want your vintage piece to shine, you need to keep the rest of your outfit simple. For instance - 

  • A punk denim jacket with a simple T-shirt and distressed jeans
  • A sleek black cocktail dress with a vintage pearl necklace
  • A black top with jeans along with a vintage colourful Hermes scarf

Be selective

Not every vintage item can pair well with your modern wardrobe. So here, you need to be mindful and selective as to which vintage pieces can elevate your wardrobe level. Also, pay attention to what vintage items can effortlessly blend with the fusion style you create. For instance, a vintage denim jacket can be a great addition to your modern wardrobe. This is because it pairs well with jeans and T-shirts.

Final thoughts

From dresses to jackets, coats, jeans, blouses, and accessories, you have many options when it comes to key pieces of vintage fashion. Our aim is not to create an entire vintage look but to effortlessly blend the vintage style with the modern style. For this, you will need to pick up the best-suited vintage piece that blends with the personal style of your wardrobe. So start by selecting that one vintage heartthrob fashion item you desire the most and pair it with your modern wardrobe.


How do you mix vintage with modern clothes?

You can start by selecting one key vintage fashion item and build your look by adding other modern clothes.

Can I mix modern and antique?

Yes, you can mix modern and antique i.e. vintage clothes. But you need to maintain a proper balance between your modern and vintage fashion pieces.

Is it OK to wear vintage clothes?

Yes, it is all OK to wear vintage clothes as they have no age limits and work as a great statement style for your wardrobe.

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